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1 Jan 12, 2008 07:57 and you'll need to enable javascript to enjoy.

2 Jan 12, 2008 08:13

Very clever in concept and execution...

3 Jan 12, 2008 12:27

thats pretty darn cool, wish I understood the language!

4 Jan 19, 2008 13:58

That's a mint webpage. Loved it the first time I saw it from Ed B's site but liked it much more this time as I had my sound on !

Gz ;)

6 Jun 06, 2008 23:35

Nice, but how often are you likely to visit it?

Top website has to be Google surely?

7 Jun 07, 2008 00:18

DBMark wrote:

Nice, but how often are you likely to visit it?

Top website has to be Google surely?

OMG you're not serious right? I mean, how often are you likely to enjoy what google *itself* has to offer? What do they actually do other than redirect you to a website that might be what you're looking for? Let's see ... oh yeah: they change their stupid little image thing every now and then. HOORAY!!!

Besides I said "best" not "top" and certainly not "most used search engine".

Sheesh. That'd be like saying a grocery store is the best meal ever because it happens to be where you find a lot of food :roll:

8 Jun 07, 2008 16:02

Besides I said "best" not "top" and certainly not "most used search engine".

Who deliberately uses the worst search engine? Google is the most popular because it's the best. You may well prefer another web-site, but most people on the web are guaranteed to use google every working day. It does its job very well, which in my book qualifies as good. Not many web domains become a verb in the English language ie "to Google."

I like the options you've got when searching. For example enter "56 US dollars in Euros". Or search for sites that link to your web-site: "". Or even just use google as a calculator " 56 * (9/16)". There are many more examples of geting the most out of google on its webpage /help/features.

It's also more than just a search engine. Many of us use it as a portal to our gmail or to GoogleMaps or to the images etc.

9 Jun 07, 2008 21:39

/me wipes a tear away from corner of eye .... damn mate, such passion ...... yer after employee of the year award right? :cookie:


10 Jun 08, 2008 02:12

See what you said there?

... but most people on the web are guaranteed to use google every working day

... are guaranteed to use google ...

... to use ...

... use ...

google is a tool. Like the grocery store is a tool for a chef. Or like a hammer is a tool for a carpenter. Does anyone actually give a damned about the tools someone uses, or is the end result the point? By the way, I am a people on the web and I *never* use google during my working day. In fact, no one I work with uses google during the working day. Some might surf the web on their break or lunch time, and some of those most probably do USE google to find something they're looking for, but none of us actually use google during our working day. There is no way on God's Green Earth that my employer will allow the internet into the work place. Way too much money rides on the integrity of our work computers to allow people to choke the machines with all the spyware known as toolbars and other intentionally malicious code out there.

Okay ready for another quote?

Many of us use it as a portal to our gmail or to GoogleMaps

I'll spare the drilldown and jump straight to [url=]PORTAL[/url]:

1. a door, gate, or entrance, esp. one of imposing appearance, as to a palace.
2. an iron or steel bent for bracing a framed structure, having curved braces between the vertical members and a horizontal member at the top.
3. an entrance to a tunnel or mine.
4. Computers. a Web site that functions as an entry point to the Internet, as by providing useful content and linking to various sites and features on the World Wide Web.

Get the idea that the only reason to go TO a portal is to go THROUGH the portal? Like, the portal is simply not the point of it all?

Hey ever heard of "bookmarks"? They're these things browsers have that can hold links for you organized in whatever manner you like. For example you could put your gmail link in your bookmarks and save a step on the way there. Unless of course "" is the best website ever and you can't go a way without seeing what they changed their image to.

Hey just for kicks check out and please note that xerox became a verb before there were domain names that might join that long (and partial) list.

11 Jun 08, 2008 02:26

EdB wrote: and please note that xerox became a verb before there were domain names that might join that long (and partial) list.

Hey Ed i am not writing these just to be against you, but you shouldnt under estimate google's power that much, we d never ever be able to meet the websites or sources we use now frequenlty if google never existed..Ofc there would exist another form of it if google did not however they do it in the unusual and the best possible way, they dont use stupid content extensions for increasing or growing their popularity, they just offer them to you, you either choose not to or to use them.. Anyone in google would not give a damn if i defend them or i did not, but xerox or nescafe (nestle) coca cola were generiticized trademarks or whatever you call them before google, right. But google is an indisputable truth of today. I wouldnt have guessed you would talk so old fashioned as an experienced web person (afai saw) (: We are having rough days with the blocking of youtube nationwide since months, and the world would have kind of rough days if google did not exist, of course if nicola tesla or edison or whoever the hell invited electricity, we wouldnt feel the need of it, we 'd just light a candle sit around and tell stories to each other, but instead we are now blogging, telling our stories to world instead of our relatives, there's the internet and google and so on.. No website is the best, but g is the best s.engine to me, oh and btw that mentioned is nice flash job also wherever you ve came across to it.. but hey, nvm, i ve just wrote these lines to have written em (: no offense, cheers..

12 Jun 08, 2008 11:46

Hey I have no ... wait let me restart that: I have only minimum issues with google. They are a great TOOL that those online can use as much as we want or need to. I just find it totally silly that DBMark would find google "better" than . I mean, how much do you actually get from google? Literally: what does going to actually give you? Info? No. Entertainment? No. Boobies? No. It's a tool we can use. We type something in a box and find web pages about what we typed. Cool. Great tool. Love it. Does that make it (meaning the actual URL) the best website ever? Heck they make it a point to have extremely little on their main page so that it loads faster than almost anything out there. That is a very smart move on their part, but for crying out loud it MEANS the actual URL has almost no content. THERE IS SIMPLY NOTHING THERE!!!

Now go to and tell me if you get something from it. Without typing into a box or clicking a link - just going to that URL. Personally I find it witty and funny. In fact I think it is one of the absolutely coolest URLs out there. There are no links on that page. No box to type something into, no information, no boobies. JUST entertainment of a very unique style. THAT is why I posted this thread here, and that is why if DBMark wants to seriously state that google is somehow better because it is a functional tool then sure yeah fine but it is NOT a *better* U-R-L.

13 Jun 08, 2008 12:06

Does anyone actually give a damned about the tools someone uses

Sorry if we've unleashed your Google hatred Ed, but you're digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole here. Your thread was asking for best website ever, not "the best web site you've seen that you'll never actually use" OR " the funniest/prettiest best web-site you look at but never deign to use". Why have you got this anger against the verb "use"? I can understand why some people are concerned about Google's data gathering and potential monopoly of the market, but hating them because (in the majority of cases) people actually use their site? Come on..

As for the bookmark thing, I find with a couple of sites that it's quicker to type in the first 3 letters (in this case Goo) then scrolling down my various bookmarks/folders. I do access plenty of stuff via my bookmarks though. Each to their own I suppose; some people prefer to have it all in their toolbar.

Incidentally, if you're trying to discourage people from using Google, I suspect all this ranting is counter productive. Not that it matters one hoot to me - despite what another poster put, I don't work for the company, nor am I remotely likely to do so. I dare say we'll all find another search engine very easily if Google were to go out of business, and then perhaps you'd have another company to rant against Ed. :)

EDIT: Just seen your last post Ed. and on that basis (but not on your previous posts) perhaps I overstated the use of the word "rant". I still think perhaps the title of the thread allows for websites that are very useful and indeed taken over its share of the market despite the competition from MS, Yahoo, and numerous others.

16 Oct 17, 2008 00:38

Oh man I cant believe some people are getting that worked up!! I'm on EdB's side here tho.

google is great. I use it every day, to find websites. Much in the same way I use firefox to get to google, and my iMac to run firefox.

Is it the best website ever? No. Its a search engine. It means I can find the best website ever, heck its the reason I found this site....

but in all honestly, geeez chill guys, EdB was posting up a great website and implying it is the best one time website he's seen and should be appriciated by all, not slagged off as an "ZOMFG! U is so wrong dude, Google Rulz!"

Unbelievable! LOL

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