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1 Jan 12, 2008 23:13    

May I double post such a great announcement here in English? :D

Russian b2evolution support website is online.

Please, comment my work, I'd like to hear all truth :)
So, everybody who want to help in promotion are welcome.


3 Jan 12, 2008 23:23

sam2kb wrote:

May I double post such a great announcement here in English? :D

Sure, but only I get to pick on you for having English on your Russian site. In the XML bit on the sidebar I see where "What is RSS?" is still in English. Probably the string is not in the T_('translate me') thing?

Hey nice skin. I can't wait to see it on the skins site ;)

4 Jan 12, 2008 23:26

Thank you guys!

There are a lot of stuff that had to hardcode in files to get it translated

5 Jan 12, 2008 23:32

I really like that skin.. great job and the amount of work you have put into it is extraordinary.

The Admin section works well for a person who knows no Russian at all.

6 Jan 12, 2008 23:32

sam2kb can you maybe make a list of some of the stuff you found hard-coded that needed translation? I am not on the dev team and am afraid of CSV, but I'm sure the watchful eyes of the developers would be interested in knowing where untranslatable bits are.

Yeah really lookin' forward to that cool blue skin :)

7 Jan 12, 2008 23:39

I can put skin source files, but it is really custom, and somebody with good skin knowledge should put everything back.

Ok, about translate, I'll make a full list.

8 Jan 12, 2008 23:43

Well I don't have good skin knowledge but would love to give it a go. PM me a link to a zip of the files and I'll see what I can do. I am supposed to go to work for 4 days in a row but will be angling for some emergency time off due to the ... "situation" I've put myself in. Anyway it's a nice skin and I'd like to learn more about skinning by playing with yours until it makes us both happy. Then share it with the skins site in your name.

9 Jan 13, 2008 00:00

I will appreciate it if somebody could make this skin useful for others. (already sent it to Mr. EdB) :)

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