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1 Jan 13, 2008 19:29    

I like the widget 'post list'. It's a great way for viewers to see all the post titles and to easily navigate to the post they are looking for. However, if you have hundreds of posts within the category... the list would be way to long to have as a widget. It would be nice to see the 'post list' widget as a link to open a new page (like the archive widget link) and then display them all, perhaps in multiple columns too.

thanx :idea:

2 Apr 18, 2008 11:05

Hi LadyEase

Maybe this is what I'm looking for.

I'd like all the other posts, other than the default amount to be shown, accessible via page links at the bottom of the block. Similar to the <next page effect> in posts, but in this case will show the next ten posts titles.

I haven't got to the Archive situation yet so I haven't seen it.



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