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1 Jan 16, 2008 23:18    

I think that Menu widget link can be more useful if it will be extend by 2 features:

1. About - This just show long description of blog

This is another posibility how to show long description of blog. Very useful if you have to publish long text.

2. URL - posibility to add some link into menu.

This can be good for adding link e.g. onto photogallery.

What is your view?

2 Feb 03, 2008 20:58

Adding the long description to a list of links wouldn't make sense I think because it's a different type of thing yah? Like "some text" doesn't really mesh with "list of links"?

But item #2 sounds good to me. Same thing for the common user tools widget (or whatever the other one with a few links is called). Being able to add to the list instead of having to start a new list of links with a free HTML widget would be cool.

I'm going to "watch" this thread just in case I get a craving to try a plugin that makes a widget ;)

3 Feb 09, 2008 18:18

I think she's referring to an "About this Blog" link in the menu which would then go to a page where there's a long description listed. I didn't think that she meant that the description itself should go in the menu.

If my idea is the correct version, I'd very much like to second that.

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