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1 Jan 18, 2008 19:43    

Note : This is a widget so it will only work in 2.x blogs

This widget is allows you to re-order your bloglist the way you like it from your admin area making hacking files a thing of the past. You also have the ability to completely hide blogs from your bloglist and show logged in members the blogs that they're a member of. As well as that it allows you to add custom html before and after the bloglist so you can add your own custom links.

If this sounds like the widget of your dreams then you can download it here ( [url=]AM Bloglist[/url] ) and you can read more about it on our blog ( [url=]Control your bloglist[/url] ).


2 Jan 18, 2008 21:26

The download links dont't seem to be rendering as links..

[plugin:am_bloglist: download the plugin]Bloglist Plugin[/plugin]

4 Jan 19, 2008 22:05

I've installed this widget ok but how does it work? how do I access it?



5 Jan 20, 2008 20:58

Hi Folks,
I've installed am bloglist so that I can re arrange my blogs but I can't see how to use it. Where do you access it in the admin panel? There's no new tab.

Please help.



7 Jan 21, 2008 01:26

sorry....but I did and got not resonse.



9 Apr 20, 2009 20:35

Installed the plug-in but...
Notice: Undefined variable: disp_params in /home/www/blogs/plugins/_am_bloglist.plugin.php on line 147

146 & 147:
if( $this->disp_params[ 'block_display_title' ] ) // container wants title
echo $disp_params[ 'block_title_start' ].$this->disp_params[ 'title' ].$this->disp_params[ 'block_title_end' ];

10 Apr 21, 2009 16:10

What version of the bloglist are you running ? This is lines 146 -> 151

		// sort blogs based on notes field
		natcasesort( $blogKeys );

		echo $this->disp_params['block_start']."\n";

		if( $this->disp_params[ 'block_display_title' ] )
		{ // container wants title
			echo $this->disp_params[ 'block_title_start' ]
				.$this->disp_params[ 'title' ]
				.$this->disp_params[ 'block_title_end' ];

You can get the current version from my credits page ( [url=]credits[/url] ) just click the tacky green arrow icon


12 Apr 23, 2009 09:27

Download the plugin again, from the same link ( should now be version 1.1 ) and see if your error goes away.


13 Apr 23, 2009 13:32

Thank you!. That fixed the error. Unfortunately it did not yield the expected result. My fault. I'm sure I had the wrong assumptions.
What I was looking for is a simple Alpha list. When I upgraded to 2.x I gained many nice features but lost the alpha sort hack. Apparently it doesn't use the _bloglist.php. Using the notes field seemed like a good idea, but extra data entry work. But I seem to have some long and some short names/descriptions in the database. [Users, can't live with them, can't teach them!] Anyway, what is the variable for longname vs shortname? I tried a couple of guesses, but they were wrong.
Thanks again. Nice addition!

14 Dec 02, 2009 12:31

Is the 1.1 version still available somewhere? I could only find version 1.0 and that's giving the same error as above.


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