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1 Feb 06, 2008 15:07    


I failed to find any relevant information, and I hope this question was not discussed a million times already :D

I use b2evolution 2.4.0 "Venetian" and I try to submit posts using XML-RPC/metaWeblog.newPost method. Finally I managed to control it, hurrah!

However, it turns out that if string values are outside of standard ISO-8859-1 character set, they are replaced with question marks in created posts.

I even found the reason :-)

When the request is parsed in inc/_ext/xmlrpc/, the XML_OPTION_TARGET_ENCODING option is set to the internal encoding. And this encoding is hard-coded to 'ISO-8859-1', when I changed it as below, everything started working just fine:


The question is of course - what am I doing wrong? :)
Is there a better way to encode UTF-8 correctly? And what can be affected in my solution?

I can provide extra info (like my exact XML-RPC request) upon an inquiry.

Can you advise anything?

Best regards,

2 Oct 17, 2008 06:43

I also caught same problem with b2evolution 2.4.5 "Monument Valley".
I tried flikr's post service, which support Blogger API.
Characters inside ISO-8859-1 is ok but others such as Japanese is conveted to '?' question mark.

With your modification, the problem is gone.
I think recent b2evolution internal code is UTF-8 by default.
That's because, default value should be UTF-8.

These codes may be external code base but we should use it with proper configuration :)


3 Dec 20, 2008 23:43

I had the same problem with Scribefire on UTF-8 b2evo

$GLOBALS['xmlrpc_internalencoding']='UTF-8'; did the trick ;)

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