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1 Feb 09, 2008 18:12    

We'd like to see the option to configure a default post status, instead of autmagically defaulting to "Published". I'll describe our situation, but I think this will be applicable/useful for other people as well.

We publish original works of fiction on our site. There are currently several novels going on. However, since we've found parts of works republished on other sites, despite a fairly harsh Copyright policy, we've decided to become a member only access to read. We feel that this protects better our authors and their work.

Because of this, we'd like to be able to configure our instance of b2 so that it will set all posts to default to "Protected" *unless* the individual author wants to change his specific blog to default to "Published". However, I don't see an option to configure this in the administrative interface, either for b2evo or the individual blog.

2 Feb 09, 2008 18:53

Check out conf/_admin.php around line 101 (in v2.4.0) and set the default to 'protected'.

3 Mar 18, 2008 22:09

That works for now, but now the entire b2evo is set to default to protected. I hate to do that because some of the authors don't mind publishing their stuff for the public and I'd like to see them be able to set their default to Publish instead of going to the extra step of publishing it.

I'd really like to see this become a per blog and not a per engine feature.

4 Apr 15, 2008 10:45

Hi Morrighu and EdB.

Just an idea.

I thought or am thinking about how the skins work.

Doesn't it or shouldn't it work in such a way that any file in the skin will override any file in the main install. That way the above hack you suggested EbB would work if the file was out in a config folder in the skin(s) wanted.

A solution for a specific blog could be to protect it so that only members to it can view it. Then all the posts can stay public.

To do this in version 2.4.1
1. open inc/
2. around line 360 find

 if( !isset($login_required) )
	$login_required = false;

3. replace with

if( $blog == "2")
	$login_required = true;
else{$login_required = false;}

where the number is the number of the blog you wish to protect.

It will still show up on the public list and you can set permissions so that only registered members allocated permissions can view the blog and they will have to log in etc.

EdB I'm sure helped me with this some weeks ago when I first came across evo.

All the best


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