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1 Feb 19, 2008 22:47    

Hi there;

I simply don't know what to do. I want to translate b2evo to Polish ISO-8859-2, but well...

- I created and set a Polish locale, turned this locale in the blog settings and in my profile...
- the characters look good when I edit a message (post or comment).
- the encoding in .po file is also OK
- the encoding in my msql is correct (latin2_general_ci)

.... so why the **** the posts and comments display some kind of hash???

(it's exactly ISO-8859 hash, just as if you were looking at it in the notepad while editing)

I have run out of ideas... I even added the charset meta tag to html_header... still nothing.

It happens only to the text in posts and comments. HELP!

I think it's some kind of bug.... the characters also display correctly in dashboard. In some places of the engine it displays wrong (the setting tabs, for example), in other OK... (like in tools-scheduled jobs, just on the right: translated "refresh, new job" - the characters there would surely displayed wrong if everything was screwed up)

Maybe somewhere in the engine the language strings goes through repeatable encodings? Have no idea, I'm noob at php, but certainly not noob at translations, I have translated many engines before.

3 Feb 19, 2008 23:57

Thank you for feedback...

Yeah, the post is about lazybone utf-8. I don't want utf-8... I'm used to clean and simple and standard for Polish sites ISO-8859-2.

I have a correct collate, correct encoding... the characters display in one pieces of site correctly (edit field, dashboard), in other completely messy (posts, comments...)

It can't be just the matter of one setting... I'm getting quite angry on b2evo.

4 Feb 20, 2008 00:26

Correct me if I'm wrong, but what you are really doing is trying to make your blog use Polish - not create a Polish translation for other users to download.

IF this is a correct understanding then you should look at the bottom of the post that John pointed to for another way to get localization to properly happen.

I understand none of it by the way. But Afwas and blueyed and captsolo know their way around this application pretty darned well, so if you can make sense out of what they're saying it'll probably point you in the right direction.

5 Feb 20, 2008 00:46

Well, in fact I'm both creating translation (using poedit) and trying to make it display well... (it's about 10% in progress... I stopped because of charset issues. If everything fails, I'll most probably change for utf8, but I want to avoid this)

I have the collate set properly (not to mention my provider is Polish so default settings are in our language... but I checked it again and everything seems fine). I experimented with the locale php file in conf folder with no results... (setting one after another the options of forcing charsets in connections, etc.)

As I said, my translation is being displayed OK quite randomly (in tabs messy, in other places OK...). Posts, titles and comments are messy with a huge exception of dashboard and edit textarea field.

It seems that the text is not going through any pre-rendering or it's rendered twice... why is that? o_O

6 Feb 20, 2008 01:01

See this file (to show you what I mean...)

To make things funnier, that turned around exclamation mark is exactly the same letter as the last one in the correct word...)

7 Feb 21, 2008 22:49

OK, nevermind...

I gave up and picked utf-8 charset. (when I set everything to utf-8, it suddenly started to work correctly...)

Gonna start a new translation...

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