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1 Mar 05, 2008 09:50    

My b2evolution Version: v2.3

How about a plugin that picks random lottery numbers for you that you could put in a widgit in the sidebar.

Then if those numbers come up the blog owner could pay out say 10% of the winning to the dude that wrote the plugin' ;)


(Just a silly little moment - but Could earn a coder a buck or two)

2 Mar 05, 2008 13:21

how many balls are selected from how many?

3 Mar 05, 2008 14:29

"How many balls from how many, what is the range of numbers on the balls, are there 'fancy' balls of a different color, and if so what is the range of numbers on those balls" is what needs to be asked and coded. "Been there done that" in javascript YEARS ago. Silly gambling twits: it was the most popular page on my domain for almost as long as I had it up. For another year it was the most popular reason to get a 404 from me after I took it down.

Never got one cent from it - of course. Oh but when powerball increased the range boy howdy did people let me know I *had* to fix my code :roll:

Hey maybe it would be a fun plugin? Sounds like maybe Afwas is interested in taking a shot at it, but if not perhaps I will.

4 Mar 05, 2008 14:58

Actually that was repetitious and redundant.

If memory serves me: 3 to 8 balls with a range of 35 to 65 and an optional 1 to 3 special balls with the same range covered every "bouncy ball" lottery I found in existence back in the day.

5 Mar 05, 2008 15:43

I'll take it on.
Searched for National Lottery, believe it's six out of 49, but that makes a plugin setting.

6 Mar 05, 2008 18:01

*waves at Ed B and Afwas*

Ol, it really good of you, but don't go to any trouble, it would kill me to pay out ten percent if I won ;) That is if you agreed to just 10% you might try and squeeze 25% out of me.
There again, I havn't actually won a bean yet so what am I worrying about :)

One last thing, if you win the lottery does that entitle me to a share of yours ? Not sure why but hey - if you don't ask you don't get.

This is a textual contract and any commission must be paid out at the rate agreed, that's if you can find me on my desert island with a Bud in one hand and the other typing on my laptop (Wireless connection obviously) ;)


7 Mar 06, 2008 00:17

You pay me 10% of my revenue in advance and the other 90% upon actually winning the lottery.

8 Mar 06, 2008 10:20

Lol, I love an optimist, A cheque for £600,000 is on its way. Fingers crossed - it won't bounce :)

Enjoy the money !


9 Mar 13, 2008 02:02

The lottery plugin is taking shape. I do have some additional coding to do and I plan some features. But basically the balls are rolling on [url=]my blog[/url]

You can [url=]download[/url] a development version. I put it on [url=]B.O.P.I.T.[/url] The Mother Of All Plugins so you will automatically be alarmed when new versions arrive.

10 Mar 13, 2008 03:16

pssst: there's a typo in your download link on your blog page - a missing "l" in ;)

11 Mar 13, 2008 03:34

Quote the raven: Evermore

12 Mar 13, 2008 10:11

Hay Afwas, That's a mean looking plugin for the Lottery. Lets hope it earns you some commission in lottery winners payouts, I take it that the percentage is still 10% ?

Cheers ;)


13 Mar 13, 2008 10:54

That's Mint Afwas, cheers.
See it on my page

Just one bug, it picks out the random ball now and again as ball 0. I wouldn't know how to fix it but I bet you do ?

Here's hoping it picks the winning numbers this week ;)


14 Mar 13, 2008 18:08

keljem wrote:

That's Mint Afwas, cheers.
See it on my page

Just one bug, it picks out the random ball now and again as ball 0. I wouldn't know how to fix it but I bet you do ?

Here's hoping it picks the winning numbers this week ;)


It's certain to win the lottery.
I fixed the bug in 0.1.8. See BOPIT in your Dashboard -> Tools or simply download from this posting again.

15 Mar 14, 2008 13:18

Thanks Afwas, I noticed it in the BOPIT last night and installed the update straight away. It works a treat ;)

Cheers again,

16 Mar 17, 2008 06:21

=== Version 0.2.0 is out ===

I had a lovely play with all the date and time functions. I wanted to draw the balls once a week, so I calculated 'Next Saturday' in an awesome algorithm that only took three lines, until I found

strtotime( 'next Saturday' )

works also.

¥åßßå came up with a beautiful idea. Since the plugin settings are stored in the database, he suggested creating two settings for date and draw, thus circumventing struggling with the database itself. That works brilliantly, it even stores arrays.

The widget has now two more settings: you can pick a day and a time and the first visitor surpassing this threshold gets to draw new balls. That's once a week, but you could have two widgets, one for the midweek draw also.

[url=]Download[/url] or visit [url=]my blog[/url] or through [url=]B.O.P.I.T.[/url]

Have fun

17 Mar 17, 2008 09:24

That's absolutely Brilliant, I could not make you wealthier this week, but I will keep on playing.
Can't wait to look at the new version, I am off to download it now before I shoot off to work.


18 Mar 20, 2008 02:46

keljem, It gets even better ...

=== Version 0.3.0 is out! ===

This version adds the previous draw of the UK Camelot National Lottery Saturday draw. It refreshes once a week and finds the data itself. This is a major update, nearly doubling the code. This first version appears to be bug free, a reason to release it to the wild. A few more features will be added in the coming days.
The download link in a previous post leads to the new version.

After installing do check the Widget settings.

19 Mar 20, 2008 11:31

WOW, could it get any better :) You have really made this a good plugin. Thanks ;)

I can't get it to show last weeks winning number though !
Wondering if I have done something wrong.

20 Mar 20, 2008 11:38

I am afraid to report that when the new Supa doopa loto plugin is added to a widget in my side bar it breaks my blog a little.
It looses the footer at the bottom of the page.
I will leave it so you can see,


21 Mar 20, 2008 13:19

Hi Gary,

Found and killed a bug. Please upload again.


22 Mar 24, 2008 18:21

Thanks Afwas, That's a great addition to a real good plugin. Lets hope it picks the winning numbers huh !

Gz :)

23 Mar 24, 2008 18:27

I want 5% if it does ;) ... yeah, yeah, I know I'm cheap :roll:


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