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1 Mar 14, 2008 05:03    

Maybe v230-RC1 and maybe even others in the 2.* generation, but I don't test against anything other than v240-RC2 because that's the way I am ;)

I'm pretty sure it'll upgrade nicely from older versions ... ah ... wait: IF you are running an older installation of this plugin it might but it probably won't upgrade nicely for you. I'll figure out what to do about that when I have a situation where it matters, but the quick answer would be to re-do your acrolinks table on your Tools tab.

This time there is no default stuff added, so it shows up totally empty.

You install the plugin and add keywords via a new sub-tab on your Tools tab.

One table for acronyms and hyperlinks: just don't put in a "Link to URL" if you want an acronym.

Anyway there's a blog post and a readme so there ya go!

3 Mar 29, 2008 01:25

a great update once again for 2.4 stable.. i ve been watching b2evo for half a year, - of course its not that long considering ppl spent time to create it-, and it seems with this version "plugins that doesnt work in 2.x" list will shorten for sure! and 2.4 will rock! thank you guys.. the developers and moderators and the other kind ppl keen to help!

4 Apr 13, 2008 13:06

Got this plug-in in a previous version of B2evo, now I've got the latest version (2.4.1) and I want to install this great plug-in again, but I get the message:

An unexpected error has occured!

If this error persits, please report it to the administrator.

Go back to home page
Additional information about this error:

MySQL error!

Table 'arnowalop_nl.evo_plugin_acrolink_22_Keywords' doesn't exist(Errno=1146)

Your query:


FROM evo_plugin_acrolink_22_Keywords

ORDER BY keyword ASC

Who can help me to make this plugin working?

5 Apr 13, 2008 16:50

Hi ArnoWalop. I did notice your comment on my blog but haven't replied due to not really knowing where to start on it. So I guess I should try something yah?

Let's see... when you installed it I believe it should have asked you if you would let it make a table. Did it ask you and did you tell it "okay"? Assuming it asked and you let it, can you check your database (via phpmyadmin) to see if you actually have the table it is asking about? The "arnowalop_nl.evo_plugin_acrolink_22_Keywords" is what I mean.

This should lead us to resolution ... I hope.

6 Apr 13, 2008 21:11

EdB wrote:

Let's see... when you installed it I believe it should have asked you if you would let it make a table. Did it ask you and did you tell it "okay"?

It didn't ask anything, when I install it, I will get this error on my blog... If I go to the Plugins in the admin selection, I will get this error too.

7 Apr 13, 2008 21:21

I have take a look at phpmyadmin and I couln't find: "arnowalop_nl.evo_plugin_acrolink_22_Keywords"

8 Apr 14, 2008 02:24

Something is very wrong here. The very first thing is should do after clicking "install" is ask you if you want to let it add a table to your database. Since it did not ask you (a) of course you get the error for a missing database table and (b) of course you can't use it. It stores your keywords and links and titles in the database table is how it works by the way.

The only thing I can suggest is to first uninstall it from your blog, delete it from your server, get a fresh copy of the plugin, and try again. Maybe a file got broken somehow is why I suggest this.

hmmm... Also just for kicks make sure that the path to the plugin is correct on your server. It should be path_to_blogs/plugins/acrolink_plugin/_acrolink.plugin.php

9 Apr 14, 2008 07:48

I've fix it.... I just rename the folder and the filename in acolink en replace al "acrolink" in "acolink" in the php file... and it works... Don't ask me why, but it works....

10 Sep 05, 2009 11:06

I just updated this plugin and added it to bopit and put an update notice on my blog post about it, but forgot to mention that the update will do a database update on you. It should disable itself, but if not make sure you disable then enable it after you upload the new version. If you're using it now that is. If not it'll be like a new plugin that makes a table ;)

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