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1 Mar 15, 2008 14:35    

Not sure if this has been documented yet, but sometimes - in fact quite frequently - file manager uploads to a different path than the path I am on. Here's how I noticed and what I know is a work-around that might hold the required clues:

If I am on my hackblog (blog #2) and I click on the Files tab it shows me the files in the hackblog folder. If I then browse and upload a single file it will upload to the weblog folder. Weblog happens to be both blog #1 and my default blog. If I remember it's going to do that then I outsmart it by, upon visiting the Files tab, going to a different folder then back to the hackblog folder.

By the way I do not know if it is showing me the hackblog folder because that is where I was prior to visiting the Files tab, or if that was the last place I was at when I was in the File Manager feature. All I know is if it shows me the hackblog and I upload a file and it uploads to the weblog then something is wrong. Either show me the weblog so I know to click to a different folder, or upload to the path I'm seeing when I click upload.

Okay now back to our regularly scheduled ... er ... was something scheduled for this space?

UPDATE: It is clearly going to the path from the previously selected blog then uploading to the default blog's path. I just had cause to upload something, so I selected blog 9 on the write tab, went to files, saw blog 9's files, uploaded, and found my file in blog 1's path.

2 May 08, 2008 03:19

I am having this same problem and it makes me nuts... I want to upload a photo to the Baby directory, so I go to the Baby directory...browse/upload...then it goes to the All Blogs folder (which I don't even have setup OR use).

Contrary to the other poster, my uploads ALWAYS go to the All Blogs folder, no matter which folder I was in last.

If it's not bad enough that 2.4 is missing the nice "upload" button on the Write page... the file upload manager doesn't work as it should! I just resign myself to uploading then moving each photo. :(

3 May 08, 2008 03:49

hudson2001 wrote:

... Contrary to the other poster ...

Wow I don't even have a name anymore :(
Hey you actually can make it upload to the right path with one extra click. Here is what "the other poster" told me seems to work for him:

  • When you hit your files tab you will see admin.php?ctrl=files in the address bar.

  • When you pick a folder using the drop-down selector box you see only admin.php up there.

  • Now forcibly forcefully force it to know which blog you are uploading to by clicking the name of the folder underneath the drop-down selector box. You should see something like admin.php?blog=1&ctrl=files&root=collection_9&path= in your address bar.

  • NOW it is ready to upload to the right path.[/list:u]

  • Not the best thing in the world, but better than jumping through the "move it" hoop yah? BTW I'm pretty sure the root of all evil is contained within the parameters in the address bar. Like, in the sample above why would it say "blog=1" when the media folder selected was for blog #9, which we see in the "root=collection_9" bit? So it loses it initially then when forced to know where it is for some reason it picks up a param for a blog that is not really part of this particular example. Not that this helps users bugged by this yah? For now know that one extra click on the folder name will force it to work correctly.

4 May 08, 2008 13:27

Sorry about that "other poster" thing. :oops: Hubby was on me to get off the computer and come to bed :> and I was in a rush and didn't want to open another screen to see who it was (and I hadn't looked closely the first time).

I will try the workaround today.

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