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1 Mar 17, 2008 13:33    

I really like the idea of the geocode plugin

when i put it into the plugin directory and go to 'install new' the whole list disappears until i delete that folder again.

i tried it with different versions of b2 and got the same result. (but i would like to use 2.4)

any ideas? :)

3 Mar 19, 2008 23:48

My php info file says memory_limit 32M and my installation of b2 is quite new with just 2 extra plug-ins. Shall i ask my administrator to even increase the limit? i thought 32 is enough. :-/

4 Mar 20, 2008 03:51

It probably is. You could try downloading the plugin again and re-uploading it just in case you somehow have a corrupted copy of it, but maybe the plugin is just no good.

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