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1 Mar 19, 2008 04:06    

Hi all,

I've finally starting to put some of my projects into work during my free time after work. My first site is something that I've always wanted to do; a community blog site where people can write and share their thoughts and opinions.

The site is:

Please provide any kind of feed back for its style, layout, wording, slogan, anything.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

2 Mar 19, 2008 04:22

I really like that skin and I'm glad you got the membership issue solved ( ps. please delete my test registration)

Re your blog, my only suggestion is that you put some work into your header div.top_header { margin:0 30px 0 320px }
It seems to be aligned too far to the right.


3 Mar 19, 2008 04:53

Hi John,

Thank you for all your help. I've deleted your user name as requested.

Thanks for the suggestion. What exactly do you mean it is aligned too far to the right? What is aligned too far to the right?

Thanks again. Any more feedback is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

4 Mar 19, 2008 06:11

Well done, a like this skin too ;)
Click on view results

Total Votes : 5
Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /homepages/12/d225141245/htdocs/blogmyviews/plugins/democracy_plugin/_democracy.plugin.php on line 945

And what about Who's Online widget? Is it supposed to be in footer?

Since you don't have an image in header, you might want to center it div.top_header { margin:0 auto }

Good luck

5 Mar 19, 2008 13:43

Thanks Sam! For creating the skin and all ;) and your feedback.

1.) As for the poll, I am not sure why that's happening... I thought I fixed the issue but it seems like it is broken again. I'll see if I can narrow down the problem and fix it tonight.

2.) I wasn't sure where's the best place to put the Who's Online Widget so I figured the footer was good =P Do you have any suggestion as to where I can place the widget?

3.) Will center the header tonight. But if I want to put an image there in the future, do I still edit it in div.top_header?

Thanks for all your help!


6 Mar 19, 2008 14:21


It's really up to you where to put the widget.
Put the background image in pageHeader in style.css or if you need a small image

<div class="header">
   <div class="logo"><a href="#"><img src="#" alt=" " width="200" height="70" /></a></div>
       <div class="top_header">

You may also want to add this string in style.css

.bText { overflow:hidden }

I'll submit an updated skin today

7 Mar 21, 2008 05:54

Thanks Sam2kb.

I've made the changes.

Can you see if the poll is still showing the error? I don't see the error on my end.

What does the .btext { overflow:hidden } code do?


9 Mar 21, 2008 16:31

Do you see a link in "Are we back to 17's?", without this string in style.css your posts would expand to match link's width.

10 Mar 21, 2008 20:27

Thanks John and Sam

I've fixed the Poll.

Also added that extra line code.

Any other suggestion? Thanks again

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