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1 Mar 22, 2008 11:56

With this plugin you can cure cancer (if that's what you're into). Also you can "pre-write" up to 5 bits of text with allowable markup, then add it to a post with a button click. And you get to label the buttons to make it easier to remember what it'll insert. And you only see the buttons for stuff you've got something pre-written for.

Hey "allowable markup" is kinda vague. Basically whatever you can get away with in a post you can add through this plugin. Depends on what you've got checked and set and enabled and disabled yah? I use an image for a download link, so I figured either write it each time or write a plugin that'll let me add it when I need it. So there you go: my pre-written stuff has everything but the file name. I imagine there are other uses? Like if you have an event coming up or a fund raiser going on that you want to remind your readers about each time you post for a little while then you can pre-write your thing once and insert it however many times you need.

BTW this is NOT a renderer: you see exactly what you pre-wrote after you click the button. So if you uninstall the plugin later on you won't lose anything in the posts you used it on.

And that's the way it is!

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