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1 Mar 26, 2008 00:11    

i guess this question goes specifically to mr ¥åßßå or AstonishMe since afaik they are the developers for the related posts..

1st question, where can i get the latest version of related posts plugin, and is it working with 2.4 stable release?

i ve searched plugin directory only blogfever plugin returns for "related" or "am relate" etc queries..
ive been able to find v1.1 that is told to work in 2.2.0

2ndly the main question is, is it easy to play with the relations, or can someone give some clue about it..

what i need is , displaying the MainCats of the related

to give an example, lets say

Post#1: Main cat: David Beckham Cat1: Football Cat2: Celebrity Cat3: Successful

Post#2: Main cat: Shaquile Oneal Cat1: Basketball Cat2: Celebrity Cat3: Successful

Post#3: Main cat: Phil Jackson Cat1: Manager Cat2: Celebrity, Cat3: Succesful

lets say when you click a post one of "MainCategory1" -lets say- David Beckham,
it will display, "These may also be related: Shaquile Oneal -main cat2-, Phil Jackson -main [color=violet]cat3-

i know its a bit specific again; i hope i could make it clear, any help would be highly appreciated, and would be a nice gift :P :)..

3 Mar 26, 2008 10:35

¥åßßå wrote:

As always, this plugin is supplied as is .... and if it molests yer granny then .... well, hell, she deserves a tad of excitement at her age huh?


You'd need to hack the plugin to change what it spits out as it was designed to link individual posts and not categories which would just be a duplication of the category links in 99.99% of skins ;)


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