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1 Mar 27, 2008 16:34

Might work in other 2.* releases, but is only tested in 241 so if you run it on something other version please report your success or issues if any, either here or on my blog post.

What this does is manage your widgets for you. Sort of. I mean, you still manage your widgets, but this makes it lots easier to copy widgets from blog X to blog Y. Specifically, after downloading and unzipping and uploading and installing, you pick which blog will be your "mother blog" on the plugin settings page, make sure the widgets for your mother blog are what you want them to be on your Blog settings -> pick a blog -> widgets subtab, then go to your Tools -> Widget Manager subtab and tell it what blog(s) you want to copy the mother blog's widget setup over to.

Oh and do have a backup handy just in case. Reasonably well tested, but since it actively tinkers with core-induced database tables it makes sense to have a backup handy if it messes something up.

2 May 24, 2008 14:48

afai get, this is what exactly i am looking for, i will need to copy exactly the same widgets in two sidebars with the same order to 15+ blogs, this will be lifesaver for me, hope it still works, great job Edb ;)

3 May 24, 2008 19:27

Working on my 242 blog and going to get upgraded "one of these days" so that I can migrate one (or more) widgets to all blogs without deleting the existing widgets, or, the ability to tag widgets as "don't delete me" so that I won't lose one or more when I copy from X to Y blogs.

The thing is sometimes you have a widget on a blog that (a) does not need to be everywhere and (b) does not need to be deleted when all others move.

Oh and now I know I also need to create a way to copy one container from one blog to the same container in another blog. Fun!

4 May 25, 2008 17:50

isnt this great,when configuring even 1 blog's widget was bugging me, and this has copied it to all other 11 blogs even with settings! :lalala: Thanks Ed !

5 Jun 09, 2008 15:37

I just tried this plugin and for shure i click where it was not recommended : on "rebuild widget table" and it erase all widgets of all my blogs 8|

I try to copy to all my blog the widget structure of my mother blog but i get an error message : Table 'myblogs.evo_widget' doesn't exist(Errno=1146)

Does someone know how i can repair my error???? :roll:

I'm running on 2.4.2

Thanks by advance!

6 Jun 09, 2008 15:48

The problem was i changed the default name of tables "evo" by "blogs" but i find were to change it in your file and it's now working!

7 Jun 09, 2008 16:15

EdB should use the prefix T_ to replace the prefix by the one used in the blog. This is a typical query (just an example, has nothing to do with the hack)

'CREATE TABLE T_settings (
				set_name VARCHAR( 30 ) NOT NULL ,
				set_value VARCHAR( 255 ) NULL ,
				PRIMARY KEY ( set_name )

But do check if that works properly in the hack.

Good luck

8 Jun 09, 2008 16:19

Thanks, i already change "evo_widget" by the name of my table "blogs_widget" in "_widgetmanager.plugin" (it appeared only 2 times)

I tried since and it works! very usefull plugin!

Thank you for your answer

9 Jun 09, 2008 16:52

Good feedback - thanks!

Little details that I normally think about, but obviously missed. A rev will happen that will fix this issue very VERY soon (watch your BOPIT yah?), though any and all other improvements for this tool are still on the sketch pad. By the way the sketch pad is where stuff lives before it makes it to the drawing board, which is where it lives before it makes to the heres-an-idea page, which is where it lives before it makes it to my file editor, which is where it gets beaten bloody until it can actually do something, which all has to happen before it gets uploaded to an actual server for actual testing.

So yeah a bug fix before an improvement happens is a great idea, and for sure thanks for the report and the solution.

10 Jun 09, 2008 19:18

I have a huge sketchpad by that definition .... it's called my live blog :p


11 Aug 22, 2008 10:04

this is an awesome widget. I have 300 blogs and was dreading the road ahead.

thanks guys

12 Sep 20, 2008 17:51

This is soooo AWEEEESOME!!!

It works great on 2.4.5 !!!! :p

13 Feb 17, 2009 00:43


When is it necessary to 'Rebuild Widgets Table'?

Thanks in advance.

14 Feb 17, 2009 00:48

blogmeister wrote:


When is it necessary to 'Rebuild Widgets Table'?

Thanks in advance.

It's not ;)

If you want a nice tidy database where everything is in numerical order then rebuilding the widgets table will make the widgets table be nice and tidy. Otherwise it doesn't matter.

Oh and this was updated recently to allow for saying "All" instead of having to enter in all your blog numbers. People with the bopit plugin already knew that :)

15 Feb 17, 2009 01:57


Do you realize how much work this has saved me for the future?

I just tried this in v.2.4.5 after creating a new blog. It copied even my Free HTML widget contents! COOL!


16 Feb 23, 2009 17:49

I used it twice. Liked a lot.

17 Feb 23, 2009 22:34

Glad you guys like it! To me it seems like the kind of plugin you use then disable till you create another blog, right? One day when I finish all the "really important things" I gotta do yesterday I'll release the companion plugins "user manager" and "groups manager". They got similar features (and longer hair).

Oh and there is a newer version out that lets you say "All" instead of typing blog numbers. Not sure if I said that here in the forums or not...

18 Aug 16, 2009 18:21

Just wanted to say, this widget STILL rocks. Saves me loads of time and shit whenever I create a new tacky pad and rename all the containers :roll:

Ohhh yeah, it works in Whissip, so the chances are it'll work in 3.stable.spam ;)


Minor gripe "All" barfs when you use lcase, not hard to change ;)

19 Aug 16, 2009 21:25

Seems to work OK in the 3.stable.spam I have just been playing with and it certainly does rock !


20 Aug 29, 2009 03:50

(going through my watched topics looking for the cure for videos not doing anything in rss feeds hoping I marked it as watch...)

I suppose I should test my plugins in 3.bug but mostly I wanted to say here there is a bug in one of the colored box bits that is supposed to move one widget or one container to other blogs. I forget exactly, but it gets stuff jacked up in a hurry under the precisely wrong combination of conditions. I should do an upgrade to roll back the improvement eh?

21 Sep 05, 2009 19:21

Never tried it, just a quick question. Does it copy blog settings too ?

22 Sep 06, 2009 01:47

sam2kb wrote:

Never tried it, just a quick question. Does it copy blog settings too ?

No. I thought of something similar for blog settings, like "migrate (a group of settings) from X to [ ... list ... ] blogs". I kinda think I started down that path but then saw something shiny and got distracted.

I think fixing the bug I know of in WM then doing a BM ... er ... :roll: would be cool. Actual paid work calls, but this idea shall move up my list of things to do.

23 Sep 06, 2009 01:48

a LOT of time ago.. I tought about something like a 'inheritance' option for blog settings :)

I think that in almost all cases the people just replicate url settings and a bunch of other settings in each blog.

24 Sep 06, 2009 01:52

I guess I have to code a hack myself. I'll post it here if you guys are interested.

25 Sep 06, 2009 05:57

Walter wrote:

a LOT of time ago.. I tought about something like a 'inheritance' option for blog settings :)

I think that in almost all cases the people just replicate url settings and a bunch of other settings in each blog.

Yes I agree. The "per blog" settings is geared towards blog networks (which is good and is the strength of b2evolution), but majority of the users are non-blognets :p

Another way of implementing "inheritance" is a feature wherein we have a "Global-Blog settings" (similar to "Global Settings").

Then, if we want to customize a particular setting of a particular blog, we just do it the way we are doing now - go to each blog.

Now, if later we want to reset the settings of a particular blog we customized. There is a button somewhere that says, "reset back to Global-Blog Settings".

It goes something like: "If Blog-A settings != to Global-Blog settings then use Blog-A settings else use Global-Blog settings"

The idea, until a particular blog was edited ("Blog Settings"), it will use the "Global-Blog Settings".

This way, we only have to edit once and in one place ;)

Re: Widget, I also want to report that when I try to copy a particular widget to another blog, it spits out errors and fails. From my end (v3) I can only use the "copy all widgets to another blog", I can't use the per widget copy.

26 Sep 06, 2009 16:13

Yes - there is a bug in both the 'colored field' options. Not in all use cases, but enough that an upgrade needs to remove those features.

Didn't there used to be a "copy this blog" button like there is for users?

27 Sep 10, 2009 07:59

Updated, same link

The broken bits are sorta still in there - just commented out because they were broken. Imagine that: an upgrade that undoes the last upgrade :roll:

Also this time "All" means 'all blogs that have a blog ID' which means all blogs eh? "Owner" now means blogs owned by whoever is logged in (which is probably silly because anyone who can do 'Owner' can also do 'All'). And "Public" means 'blogs in the public bloglist' which is what "All" used to mean.

Other than that, same old clunky interface. It was designed to do a job, not look pretty ;)

"Blog Manager" coming up next. I'm thinking "get a list of all settings associated with a designated master blog, put a check box next to each, copy all checked settings to whatever list of blogs is the list of the moment".

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