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1 Apr 01, 2008 20:57    

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Is it possable to make a plug in that will allow the admin to create several categoris, child categories, and child-sub categopries at the same time?

For example: If I wanted to creat a main category called "colors", then four child categories at the same time called "red, blue, green, yellow.

My blog will require 51 main categories and at least 200 sub categories. Is there a plug in to make this process faster or an esier way to do it rather than creating each category, sub category, and sub-sub category one at a painstaking time?

Thanks immensly for any replies.

2 Apr 02, 2008 00:16

*Anything* is possible ;)

This sounds like fun. I'll give it a go on my weekend, but no promises as I'm not really sure how one would make such a plugin. But it sounds like fun and sounds like something that could also offer "one stop shopping" for all category-related activities.

3 Apr 16, 2008 18:21

Thanks much for the reply

4 Apr 17, 2008 01:41

Ah thanks for bumping my memory ;) Seems like my idea of "weekend" is a bit different than most eh? So I should clarify a bit: when I say "I'll do this tomorrow" I actually mean "I like this idea enough to promise to think about it tomorrow but I'll actually be trying to code something I told someone a month ago I would work on next week". It's not the most efficient system in the world but hey it sort of works for me :)

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