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1 Apr 03, 2008 04:36    

I've just visited, EdB's blog and found he has two new Plugins: Widget Manager Plugin and ClustrMaps Plugin.
I've also seen at least two more plugins from the AM team. Yet none of the above plugins exist in the Plugins Directory.

I only wish the Directory could have more Plugins/Widgets and that it be Updated faster.

I'm in no way criticizing anybody nor anything.

2 Apr 03, 2008 05:29

The way the plugin directory works is that a plugin author has to submit the plugin to that site. The administrator there doesn't go searching for stuff is the thing - submitted plugins get added. I'm sure the administrator checks to see that the submission really does go to a plugin, and that the message isn't foul or obscene - of course. But basically it is up to those who write plugins to say to the plugins page "please share this with the b2evolution community".

BTW here's my deal on plugins: first I want it so I write it. Or I want the technical challenge so I write it. Either way, I make something that gets the job done, and technically I'm done. Then I triple the size of it to make it be something that might have appeal to the entire b2evolution user base out there. Flexibility for multi-blogs multi-blogger installs yah? Then I make a blog post about it. Then I make a forum post about it. Then I submit it to the plugins page. Somewhere in there I usually realize my last couple of plugins have a problem that needs to be fixed so I have to add updating them to my personal todo list. As you can imagine, it's a bit more time consuming to share one than to make one ;)

Anyway obviously these last two haven't gone through the full process yet yah? But hey that's not something you should be looking at the plugins page administrator over: it is up to the plugin author to submit it. Tell ya what: since you called me on it and there is really no good reason to NOT share my plugins on the official plugins page I'll get both of mine that aren't there added to that site. By submitting them of course :)

3 Apr 03, 2008 05:40

gcasanova wrote:

... I'm in no way criticizing anybody nor anything.

No worries! I don't think anyone who reads your post would see it as criticizing anything or anyone. A reasonably clear request for more accurate info is what I saw. But hey they can only give what they get right?

slips off to submit a couple of plugins...

4 Apr 03, 2008 14:17

AM has some plugins that are working, but not polished enough for general consumption. When I get a plugin submission for the directory I usually post it right away.

5 Apr 03, 2008 18:35

And then there are the plugins on my blog that aren't even polished enough to be considered unpolished AM plugins :p


6 Apr 09, 2008 23:20

EdB, thanks for making clear the process by which you test your plugins before sending it to the Plugins Directory. In my opinion you are being extra-careful since none of your plugins have caused any problems; at least on the blogs I have.
I will make a comment about the CommentTags plugin but it will be a new thread so that it may help others with the same issue.

¥åßßå and personman: Hope you polish your plugins as soon as you can! I like the Song Attacher but it should have a button with which you can automatically create the necessary code.

7 Apr 09, 2008 23:35

gcasanova wrote:

... In my opinion you are being extra-careful since none of your plugins have caused any problems; at least on the blogs I have. ...

Thanks! But hey maybe you get problem-free because I'm go the extra mile before I release something ;)

8 Apr 10, 2008 00:09

You're right, keep working the way you do; that extra-mile is full of merit and makes us, your plugin users, very happy!

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