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1 Apr 08, 2008 01:21    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

I think it would be handy to be able, when you are entering tags, to be able to see the tags you've already created, so you can be certain to use the same ones if desired. Sort of like how you can see a list a categories.

2 Apr 08, 2008 01:45

What if you have more than 100 tags? I know the install with 17 000 tags... it would be a looong list ;)

3 Apr 08, 2008 01:54

17000? Wowsers!

Maybe an autofill, that suggests tags as you start to type them, like delicious does?

4 Apr 08, 2008 02:25

Autofill is a good idea.

5 Apr 08, 2008 16:41

I've thought of this too, and yeah it should be able to scale with any user size or blog count.

Simply put, a button to "show existing tags" that launches a popup window for tags used in that particular blog. Ideally the plugin would allow for a limit on the number of returned tags so that if your 17000 users were all in one blog and never re-used a tag you could limit it to, say, 1000 tags based on most recently used. But really a single blog with 17000 users sounds more like a forum than a blog yah?

In a perfect world you would be able to click a tag and have it returned to the tag field, then close the popup when you've selected all the tags you want for that post.

6 Apr 08, 2008 16:51

:) I didn't mean users, there are 17 000 tags in total.

7 Apr 08, 2008 17:04

17000 tags in ONE blog? Across how many posts? Seems to me that if this is the case then your tags probably aren't helping people find related content effectively yah? Like "b2evo, b2evolution, blog app, b2evo blog app, b2evo new version" as unique tags is a mess and should all be the same tag since they talk about the same thing.

A realistic example for US players currently would be "Barack, Barack Obama, Obama" as unique tags that all really point to the same exact person. In this case all posts would be better served with the same tag so the visitor can get all posts about that particular power-hungry megalomaniac.

But hey what do I know about tags given that I rarely use them and am seriously considering automagically updated all my posts with "tags are dumb" as my only tag :roll:

8 Apr 08, 2008 17:06

The main reason I use tags is to use the "related posts" widget. So, if I could have one more tool to make certain I'm not making similiar tags like "bag" and "bags" that defeat that purpose, fantastic.

9 Apr 08, 2008 17:15

There are 120 blogs and 65 000 posts. But it's not my blog, I don't use tags.

10 Apr 08, 2008 23:48

sam2kb wrote:

There are 120 blogs and 65 000 posts. But it's not my blog, I don't use tags.

Ah okay that's a big install and helps explain 17000 tags. I can't do math in my head ... lets see ... 120 has 17000 so 12 has 1700 so 6 has 8500 so each blog has a bit over 1200 or so tags on average. Sounds like a lot to me but I'm like you: not a tag user. Heck I barely use categories anymore ;)

Anyway I do think this would be an interesting tool for a blogger who wants to use them. So that like the example "bag" and "bags" might really be the same so a blogger might consolidate by seeing oh that wasn't what I wanted.

Work first, play second though.

11 Apr 09, 2008 02:00

Anyone who can do a javascript autosuggest, feel free to add this into the core.

12 Apr 22, 2008 17:47

I've got an auto suggest ++ tag list plugin but it doesn't work in IE.

Shouldn't be to hard to sort out by anyone that knows jquery ;)


13 Apr 22, 2008 17:55

¥åßßå wrote:

I've got an auto suggest ++ tag list plugin but it doesn't work in IE.

Shouldn't be to hard to sort out by anyone that knows jquery ;)


nice work ¥åßßå.. i was already testing the plugin before you ve posted here :P...

edit: talked to soon may be.. everything works properly now..

14 May 16, 2008 14:09

¥åßßå: did you have time to make it works for IE ?

16 May 24, 2008 19:06

I got a problem. I posted a comment on your blog Yabba.

Do you connect to the database to create the list of available tags ?

17 May 26, 2008 10:14

Hi Slamp,
I replied to your comment on my blog, not that I could help much as I couldn't replicate your problem :p it'd be useful to know what your blog settings are to see if I could work out where the extra "blogs" is coming from.

The plugin does access the database to get the list of tags for whatever letter you first type, it then remembers the answers ( client side ) to cut down on server requests.


18 May 26, 2008 13:37

On this blog it's a standard installation:

Blog base URL: Default blog in index.php
URL preview:
Date archive URLs: Use extra-path
Tag page URLs: Use extra-path
Single post URLs: Use extra-path: year, month & day

19 May 26, 2008 14:08

Am I missing something here, but my browser tracks form entries and does bring up a list of previously entered tags??

20 May 26, 2008 17:08

Yes Amoun, but if you're blogging from different PCs you don't have the same browser

21 May 26, 2008 17:21

Another problem with the browser memory thing is that it doesn't actually remember tags. It remembers strings entered into fields, which could be 8 tags separated by commas entered into the tags field. So you really don't get a list of tags from that method. Because like it'll only show you the first handful of characters so what happens when the tag you think you used and want to re-use is not shown due to it's position in the list?

22 May 26, 2008 19:24

amoun wrote:

Am I missing something here, but my browser tracks form entries and does bring up a list of previously entered tags??

Bizarrely I've been thinking of killing that browser behaviour ( fairly easy to do by playing with names/ID's ) because it interferes with what this plugin tries to do ;) ... guess I should make that a user setting :P

slamp : I'll have more of a play and see if I can replicate your problem, but for now you can just hard code the correct url in to cure it


23 May 26, 2008 20:09

OK Yabba, I will hard code the url.
Also I will install the plugin in another blog to see if i can replicate the problem.

24 May 26, 2008 21:02

Instead of hardcoding the url, I used $baseurlroot and it works.

var htsrv_url = "'.$baseurlroot.str_replace( '&', '&', $this->get_htsrv_url( 'am_tags_autocomplete' ) ).'"; 

Maybe I have an other plugin how used $baseurl.

25 May 27, 2008 09:10

Cool, you learn something new every day, plugin updated :D

Thanks Slamp ;)


26 May 27, 2008 12:36

Was there a change in JS as well?

27 May 27, 2008 12:46

Nope, just the php file


28 May 27, 2008 20:33

Is it possible to display tag on only one line ? which css class should I change ?

29 May 28, 2008 07:52

You'd probably want something like this :

#amTagsList li{
padding:0 1em 0 0;


30 Jun 08, 2008 13:49

I got a little error in autocomplete.js line 247
I'm using firebug to catch this:

theString.replace is not a function
amTagsTrim(false, undefined)
amTagsFetchTags(keyup charCode=0, keyCode=65)
onkeyup(keyup charCode=0, keyCode=65)
theAnswer = theString.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,'');

I think the function amTagsTrim do not need aName so I remove it:

// trims whitespace off a string
function amTagsTrim( theString )
	theAnswer = theString.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g,'');
	return theAnswer;

31 Jun 09, 2008 07:37

Nice one, fixed :D

and I even remembered to add it to BOPIT this time ;)


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