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1 Apr 14, 2008 15:53    

By example:; .

Maybe you use b2evolution to serve several domains, and want specialized settings for each blog. You should use different analytics codes for different domains.

Or, another example: I want to make a feedburner plugin, but this should be configurable on a per blog basis.

How should I do that?

- Walter

2 Apr 14, 2008 16:15

It's not so hard really. Just grab a plugin that already gives settings per blog and copy how it does it. Basically it's just a matter of using get_widget_param_definitions instead of GetDefaultSettings but personally I'm into using both. I figure whoever owns the blog should have the option of saying if one set of settings covers all blogs or if each blog should be able to set settings on it's own.

But anyway grab a plugin that gives per-blog control and use it as a template for what you want to do.

3 Apr 14, 2008 16:18

Hi EdB! Thanks.

But, wahst about something like feedburner, to me, it doen't fit in the category of a widget.. But I will try!

4 Apr 14, 2008 17:02

Well you asked two different things so I went with what I know the most ;)

The only time I ever played with feedburner was on someone else's web. It was basically a badge in the sidebar that ... somehow or other was a feed for each specific blog. Or maybe it was a category-specific feed? Yeah I think it was categories. Or heck maybe it was blogs and provided feeds to different blogs than the blog the visitor was at?

At any rate since it was a sidebar thing it could easily have been a plugin that makes a widget.

If feedburner is something that goes on posts like a "digg this" button or similar 'social bookmarking', then yeah it's not really a widget thing because widgets don't really deal with individual posts.

But heck I don't really understand feedburner stuff so maybe I'm just crazy?

6 Jul 04, 2009 19:03

I kknow this is an old post, but I didn't find the info anywhere else. Is there Per-blog plugin settings in 3.2? I ask because I would like to have the ability to enable a plugin (ShareThis plugin) in certain blogs but disable it on others.

Per-blog plugin settings would also be nice, for instance when you want to apply different settings to different blogs, in this case I would like to use different social networks for the ShareThis widget in different blogs. So, for one blog which deals more with tech-related themes, I would use tech-related social sites, while on other blogs I would like to use more general social services. Do I explain myself?

Currently we have $Plugin->Settings and $Plugin->UserSettings but I don't think we have $Plugin->CollectionSettings or something like that. Any help on this would be appreaciated.

7 Jul 04, 2009 19:10

$this->get_coll_setting('foo'); ;)


8 Jul 04, 2009 19:16

ummm, I don't find that function anywhere in the sources! Not in 3.2, nor in CVS

9 Jul 04, 2009 19:22

never mind. I found it

10 Jul 04, 2009 19:56

No worries ;)

Ohhh, and you may like to take a peek at /skins/custom/_skin.class.php, you can do some funky stuff from there as well ;)


11 Jul 05, 2009 01:37

The twitter plugin has different settings per blog, look it!

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