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1 Apr 14, 2008 21:56    

If you follow the CVS version, can you check out the new file attachment / photoblogging features?


- when you go to the file manager, you have new options for creating posts with images.

- when you create / edit a post, it is much easier (I believe) to attach files than before.

Can you check those out and let me know what you think?
What works for you, what doesn't?
What would the next step be?

2 May 30, 2008 21:19

I'm evaluating the 2.4 version for installation at a government site and having a bit of trouble of seeing how the file upload feature is handy. I've uploaded a number of powerpoint presentations but I don't see a mean of incorporating a link to those files from a post.

I'm glad to hear 2.5 will make this easier. Any tips on what to look for in the 2.4 version?

3 May 30, 2008 21:37

Hi banthatracks,

You want to register the Powerpoint as filetype in Global settings -> Files & Filetypes. That way the uploaded files are visible in the list. If it's something 'not out of the box' you want to do with the presentations, like having a viewer to show the presentations, you are probably better off with a custom plugin.

Good luck

4 May 30, 2008 21:42

Ok. I'm looking in Global Settings -> File types and I see that powerpoint came registered, or at least I'm seeing a green lock in the "Upload" column.

I guess my issue is really from creating the post. I can create a post and i see the "Files" button. I click on that and it opens up another window that allows me to manage the files/folders and do a "link" to a post. But I don't see in the post where it is linked when viewing the blog entry as a typical user.

Will the file attachments appear under the post?

5 May 30, 2008 22:03

This is a case of bad terminology.

When on the "Files" tab, or after clicking "Files" when writing a post:
Make posts is for ONLY images to be attached with some cool image size trickery.

After clicking "Files" when writing a post:
Make IMG tags is for all sorts of files to be attached appropriately to the post.

So when writing a post, click on "Files" then check the box for your powerpoint file, then click "Make IMG tags" and it will give you a link to the file. If you want it to display the powerpoint show in the post then as Afwas said that would be a custom plugin.

6 May 30, 2008 22:09

If you hit <<edit>> at the correct file extension in Global settings -> File type you can determine what to do with the file. Note that the default setting presumes your browser can handle the filetype from the mime tye and I don't think you can rely on every browser to do so.
The way you state your question you probably want the download option.

Good luck

7 May 30, 2008 22:31

Oh good lord, EdB hit it on the head. It is a case of very bad wording.

I don't want the powerpoint to be displayed, just downloaded like another file excel, word, txt, etc.... just to clarify that first.

But EdB got me to try the "Make IMG tags" button. I guess I should have tried that as any good hacker would but I figured that really meant the <img> tags, while I did try the "Make posts" button and that of course wants to link an image inline, which of course I don't want.

So clicking the "Make IMG tags" gives me the url string I want to have a link the post to a file I've saved within the blogging tool, which is what I wanted.

Why say "Make IMG tags" now since I don't see any image? When I read EdB's post it dawned on me that is probably going to be the "image" of the file type I want uploaded along with the link. I'm only seeing the <a> tag appropriate href link, which is of course what I wanted and fine for now. Just trying to make sure I'm not missing something else here.

Thanks guys!!

8 May 30, 2008 22:52

banthatracks wrote:

... Why say "Make IMG tags" now since I don't see any image? ...

I think this goes way back to the time that land forgot. Or the land that time forgot. Or something from before it is what it is now. This is just screaming "hack me!", which would be a very simple hack to do, but I'm still working on today stuff from last week/month/year so no one really knows when today might be. If you are into it, inc/files/views/ lines 457 and 467 seem to be where you'll want to play.

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