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1 Apr 17, 2008 16:36    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Please forgive me for this post, but I want to recommend a hosting provider and I Ignore who to address this to.
This is by no means paid publicity nor anything alike. I'm just a happy customer and want others to be happy too.
The Hosting company is
If somebody would be so kind as to review this company and add it to the hosting options if he/she finds it adequate, I think it would do b2evolution's community a great favor.

Please delete this post if I´m abusing the forums terms of use...

2 Apr 17, 2008 16:45

How about I just move it to the "chat" forum?

BTW if this was your first post I'd move it to the spamhaus without looking at the link or taking the time to explain why, but it's not so it's cool. But it isn't really a support question yah?

3 Apr 17, 2008 16:52

Its true, it isn't a support question and I've just noticed that there is this chat away section within the forums... sorry! :oops:
But believe me, its not spam. It's a honest recommendation and I wish someone could look into it and decide if worth including in the Hosting recommendations area.
Yet, if nothing is done, nothing is lost...

4 Apr 17, 2008 17:05

I'm actually thinking about a new host right now.

Oh by the way no one here can get anything added to the "hosting recommendation" section unless fplanque sees it and adds it.

Anyway I looked at them and thought "maybe" but I'm not hip to Athlon processors. Not that it matters to me that much given that they all serve up a page, but if they cheaped out on their servers then what else do they cheap out on is the thing. Unfortunately the current account is due tomorrow, meaning I either re-up with them now or figure out NOW how to back up everything including email accounts AND somehow get a new hosting account and point all my stuff at them and make it happen yesterday.

Bummer but I think I'll just re-up for another year where I'm at.

5 Apr 17, 2008 17:22

With only one day before your account is due, I believe it's not enough time to experiment... especially if you have your doubts with Athlon processors.
I hope fPlanque gets to see it and if he likes it, well add it as an option.
I won't say more about this company since I'm obviously partial. I'll leave it up to fPlanque.
Thanks for your attention!

Don't have to answer but... when are you coming up with new plugins? You've made some pretty good ones.

6 Apr 17, 2008 17:35

gcasanova wrote:

Don't have to answer but... when are you coming up with new plugins? You've made some pretty good ones.

What are you looking for? Usually I see a need of my own then try to do it, or someone says "wouldn't it be cool if ... " and I like the idea so I try to do it.

Hey how about a container that shows up after 2 or 3 posts on a multipost page? It's kinda mostly a hack but it is a hack that adds a container that you can do anything containerish with - and won't show up on a single post page and won't show up in the sidebar. Kinda neat, to me, to be able to spike the posts loop with stuff yah?

7 Apr 17, 2008 22:10

I've been in touch with them before. For some reason they did not match my expectations. I have no interest in digging back into my email history to find details. All I know is I recognize the site and if they're not listed there is a reason. At least to me.

8 Apr 18, 2008 01:04

Well I've had a good experience with them but you know best how to choose hosting companies you want to recommend, so, thanks for listening... :) chapter closed!

EdB, a great plugin or hack, would be if the Page List Widget could include images automatically. Right now it includes excerpts but ignores images.

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