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Started by on Apr 18, 2008 – Contents updated: Apr 18, 2008

1 Apr 18, 2008 13:25 section 3 could use some help. The part that says

# chmod 777 /blogs/media in order to upload images and other media from b2evo's backoffice.
# mkdir /blogs/media/blogs and then chmod 777 /blogs/media/blogs to allow uploading files.

is a little bit not the best I'm thinking.

Given [url=]this experience[/url] might it make move CHMODing the media/ and media/blogs/ and media/users/ folders to after running the installer? Like, maybe add a step 8 that says something like
- Remember to CHMOD your conf/_basic_settings file back to 644 if you changed it earlier
- Remember to delete your install folder
- Check your Tools->Settings tab and see if your FTP login is identified as USER and GROUP. If not you will probably need to change your file attributes (CHMOD them) for your media/ and media/blogs/ and media/users/ folders.
- - Try to upload a file. If it does not work (red text at the top of the screen) then try changing the file attributes to 775 and try again. If it still does not work try changing the file attributes to 777 and try again.
- - Talk to your host about installing mod_suphp to enhance the security of your web space (for people with a shared hosting account).

Or something like that.

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