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1 Apr 21, 2008 14:45    

i have started fiddling with b2evo skins recently; i have noticed there are too many bugs esp. in internet explorer 6.

Since [url=]internet explorer unfortunately still (!) holds the first place in browsers, and ie6 is still more common than ie7[/url], i have decided to share some of the problems i have come across with the solutions here..

I know there are thousands of indexes that lists ie's bugs, but i want to and you to share the ones we come across frequently or probable to when using b2evo..

For today i want to list these, i will possibly edit this post to add the other ones i come across, or you have posted.

[url=]Png transparency problem in ie6[/url]

[url=]Background-attachment: fixed problem[/url], and [url=]fixed position problems[/url]..

And there are some issues i do not recall right now, and i am pretty sure there are tens of further that i ll meet, so i am thinking what to do, to try to fix them one by one with js extensions, or just not use them..please do tell your opinion about this too .. Cheers

Thank you in advance for any reports or solutions posted here

3 May 20, 2008 22:08

As of this post; you will see a gray area where it was supposed to be transparent if you browse this page with ie6 or earlier(and 7 maybe dont know)..

i was sick of converting my Hq pngs to stupid dithered gifs, there is no chance they can be same whatever soft. u use to convert..
There are numerous fixes to this issue, but they were too complicated and required heavy work like inserting css tags in each image..
i think this is one of major bugs in ie and i will try to find another solution for the fixed positions in ie, if you already have one please do share..

to fix this simply insert this :

    <!--[if lt IE 7]>
<script language="JavaScript">
function correctPNG() // correctly handle PNG transparency in Win IE 5.5 & 6.
   var arVersion = navigator.appVersion.split("MSIE")
   var version = parseFloat(arVersion[1])
   if ((version >= 5.5) && (document.body.filters)) 
      for(var i=0; i<document.images.length; i++)
         var img = document.images[i]
         var imgName = img.src.toUpperCase()
         if (imgName.substring(imgName.length-3, imgName.length) == "PNG")
            var imgID = ( ? "id='" + + "' " : ""
            var imgClass = (img.className) ? "class='" + img.className + "' " : ""
            var imgTitle = (img.title) ? "title='" + img.title + "' " : "title='" + img.alt + "' "
            var imgStyle = "display:inline-block;" + 
            if (img.align == "left") imgStyle = "float:left;" + imgStyle
            if (img.align == "right") imgStyle = "float:right;" + imgStyle
            if (img.parentElement.href) imgStyle = "cursor:hand;" + imgStyle
            var strNewHTML = "<span " + imgID + imgClass + imgTitle
            + " style=\"" + "width:" + img.width + "px; height:" + img.height + "px;" + imgStyle + ";"
            + "filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader"
            + "(src=\'" + img.src + "\', sizingMethod='scale');\"></span>" 
            img.outerHTML = strNewHTML
            i = i-1
window.attachEvent("onload", correctPNG);

into your between your <head> tags.. cheers

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