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1 Apr 26, 2008 13:45    

Spent all day yesterday getting this site up and working. I was using Wordpress. I like the looks and options of b2evolution much better than Wordpress. To me it looks more professional.

I'm just using a skin that came with the setup. I haven't done much about finding a different skin yet. The only problem that is not solved yet is that when a new user is added they never get the email. I have to go in and check it myself. Sending messages from the contact form does work.

[url=]Thoughts And Ideas[/url]

2 erothem Apr 28, 2009 01:11


Diamonds and Engagement Rings Link Removed Site How To Improve?

Listen mate... when you reply to thread do something more constructive than flogging your own product.
If you had genuinely posted a new thread for a site opinion it might survive, just.
But to post a "diamond" flogging site with no relationship to b2 does your creds no good at all.

3 Apr 28, 2009 01:27

Well done with the switch to b2.
My only suggestion for your site is to allow more than one post per page....
This can be set under the Blog Settings -> General tab.

4 Apr 28, 2009 01:51

I agree with John (on both points ;) ). Perhaps enough posts per page so that on average the length of the posts area matches the length of the sidebar? That way the sidebar doesn't wander off into forever ya know?

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