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1 May 05, 2008 22:40    

What I want to do is, say, after two years of blogging, I decide I want to add a category - but the only way I can see to go back and add that new category to old posts is to edit each one, then tick the box...which can be VERY time consuming.

I woud love to be able - on the post list page I'm thinking - to put tick marks next to each post I want to add (or delete) a category for, check the necessary categories to add/delete, then press SUBMIT to make it happen? :)

Is there a way to do this that I am missing? Is this something that could be easily added?

2 May 05, 2008 22:58

that depends what you would want to do exactly, but if you want to add a global parent category on top others, that could be done by sql i guess.. but permalinks would be screwed i suppose : P

3 May 05, 2008 23:00

You could do it in phpmyadmin.
But that is not easy, nor recommended..
BUt it is possible

4 May 05, 2008 23:55

I would not want to add a top category, but rather a child category like "automotive" or "family visits."

5 May 06, 2008 00:05

I think the easist method is to just add the category as you go...
You would be surprised how quick you will will be able to knock over a lot of posts just doing a few at a time ( unless you have 100's of posts )

6 May 06, 2008 00:06

Oh, I have done it. It took me a few hours of "a few at a time" to do like 50 posts (when I created some child categories). That was easier, though, since I could at least narrow it down to the posts marked PETS, and then add the necessary pet name after that. But to sort through 4-5 years of posts? I would love a much easier/quicker way.

7 May 06, 2008 00:16

i agree there's gotta be more checkboxes around the admin area, to moderate huge content.. (checkboxes near comments, posts, etc. etc.. for massive deleting i.e)

8 May 06, 2008 15:55


Maybe for the next upgrade of b2evolution? Pretty pretty please? :D

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