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Quick Tags [CODE] not happy enclosing <DIV>

Started by on May 06, 2008 – Contents updated: May 06, 2008

May 06, 2008 21:30    

I am using the Quick Tag CODE option as below.

Please ignore the idiot code I am working on.

If you go to: you will see the problem.

The code tag, inserted by quick tags, do not encompass the html div tags.
I assume this is a bug so am not sure where top post this.

  <li>Skins > blood_wine > posts.main.php [lines 149 to 160]</li>
        if (47 == 47)
	   messages( array(
	    'block_start' = > '<div class="action_messages">',
	    'block_end'  = > '</div>' . $_GET['blog'] ,
 		           ) );

I've had to separate the = and > signs so as not to invoke a smilie :(

EDIT Just edited link as I have moved page.

May 06, 2008 21:53

I can resolve the output by using &lt; and &gt; for the 'brackets', although the same can't be done on this forum.

However is that how it should be on b2evol? or is it a bug. I would have thought the idea of having the code option was so that tags and their brackets can be entered without it being interpreted as malicious code but not that their is a requirement to avoid the less than and greater than brackets.

Was there an instruction I missed?

May 06, 2008 22:09


Even if the div tag is read as html code and not text, which I don't hink it should, it should onlt then make a div inside the [code] block., which I assume is just another div.???

May 06, 2008 23:45

All Quicktags->code does is style the bit, so it still thinks a div is a div. Same with h3 or whatever: it thinks it is html. As you've discovered, converting < to &lt; is the only solution (and by the way I don't think you need to convert > to &gt; to post happily).

Try the code highlighter plugin? I don't have it installed anywhere to play with it because I don't really post code anymore, but I'm pretty sure it will handle stuff like that by design.

Also: here in the forums you can disable smilies for a post with code snippets in them that have "equals greater-than" and you don't have to edit the code snippet. It's a drag but (just like quicktags->code) all great advancements come with annoying little PITA bugs ;)

May 07, 2008 01:37

Thank s EDB

I see. I thought the Quicktags->code did more than style.

I'll look for code highlighter plugin.

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