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1 May 27, 2008 20:03    

Apparently [url=]John [/url] sells gold .... or is it watches? :roll:


2 May 27, 2008 20:30

The first time I saw John blog, I thank that it's was a web site about world of warcraft ;-)

3 May 27, 2008 22:52

I'll sell anything to anyone if the price is right...

4 May 27, 2008 23:41

John wrote:

I'll sell anything to anyone if the price is right...

uhum uhum (: you should better change it to manythings :P

5 May 29, 2008 20:39

John wrote:

I'll sell anything to anyone if the price is right...

Yeah, so yer mother told me .... after I bought her ...... she didn't half bitch about how much of cheapskate I was :|

[off topic]Either your single post skin is so technically brilliant that somebody with my design ability hasn't got the intelligence to understand the concept ..... or it's seriously so screwed that even my blog looks better :|[/offtopic]


6 May 29, 2008 21:11

I'll go with "technically brilliant" thanks.
In fact I haven't had the time/inclination to decide what to do with it so I've just left it bare arse'd for now.

7 May 29, 2008 21:15

I don't suppose you want to sell me a design book so I can have the humblest of a glimmering of grasping the concept? .... make it cheap though, I've only got 25p left ... yer mum wanted a mac donalds :roll:


8 May 29, 2008 21:21

What's a "design book" :?:

9 May 29, 2008 21:30

You're the only person I know that would consider that I could possibly have the slightest inkling of a glimmer of a hope of a chance that my guide dog may not only know the answer but suddenly gain the power of speech and utter it to me :|


11 May 29, 2008 22:18

Being an ex spurt myself, I'll chime in with "John's blarg is dressed in one of the cleanest coolest neatest skins known to man, with particular focus on the amazingly straightforward-yet-not-boring single post pages". Unless of course all that white space is actually tons of inserted ads from whatever 3rd parties I block. In that case I take everything back.

Yabba's is ... "very nice :roll: "

BTW John do you have a hack/plugin that gives you the "Click the image for a larger pop-up" thing, or do you just hand code it when you need it? I'd like to do something like that only launch it in a browser window that happens to fit the image due to raw image URLs are, to me, not cool.

12 May 29, 2008 22:41

EdB, I use the pop up script from....

I intend to get around to generationg a [POP] button for the tool bar that promts for
1. media dir for large image
2 "width" and "height"
etc etc and generates something like the following...

<a href="/media/image_large.jpg" rel="popup console 858 578 noicon" title="image largef"><img src="/media/image_small.jpg" alt="small image" title="small image" class="newthumb" /></a>

13 May 30, 2008 19:27

EdB wrote:

Yabba's is ... "very nice :roll: "

That's certainly one way of putting it ;)


14 Jun 01, 2008 17:30

Hi John,
Whilst your mum is delightful and a great pleasure to be with .... I'm not sure if I can afford her gin bills :(

Any chance you'd consider a partial refund if I pay the freight charge to ship her back?


16 Jun 01, 2008 18:42

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that you actually play WOW .... it's not real gold you know?


17 Jun 01, 2008 23:14

You be careful on that limb. I don't play games at all, if you don't count real estate...
selling a house at one end of the country while, at the same time, trying to buy a house at the other end and hoping that both happen at the same time and at the right price.

I also play mean guitar but lately it's strings are getting rusty.

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