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1 May 27, 2008 21:08    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

A report link below each post would be good for any reason.. where i need for report broken links ;)

I wonder how hard it can be, and if someone could do it or lead me where to start from to do a simple one..

Actually, it is simple to build a form like that, so that the users will mail you the link of that post by entering the post's url manually, but this wouldn't be cool, and no one would report anything..

I have no idea how to integrate an external form to include a particular post's perm url automatically in a text field to be sent

The idea is sounds simple but dont know how complex may be the creation of it be , when clicked, the corresponding post's permurl will be added to a textfield automatically to be reported to owner for some reason.. It can be mailed to or come as a notification does not matter..

Or one last idea can it be done by hacking contact form widget ?

a screenshot to visualize it:

2 May 27, 2008 22:40

There are dozens of scripts to report mistakes to the admin. Users select the text and press ALT+key to send it.
Don't know if it's possible to integrate them in b2evo...

3 May 27, 2008 23:47

yea i know thanks sam2kb..

I am putting tons of effort to gather sources, d.load organize, scan, upload , prepare the content then format it to make 'one' single post..

However as you know users find it hard to report you that link via a single ctrl+c +v..

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