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1 May 28, 2008 14:42    

Hello everybody!

I just created a hack to enable Piclens on my b2evo blog.

If you don't know Piclens :

This hack will parse all your tickets and create a RSS feed with each image found into them. This RSS feed is required by Piclens.

You can download directly from my website :

The installation takes about 5 minutes (it's very easy), this is a beta version but it works already fine on my blog. The instructions are in the ZIP file.

I'm open to your questions or remarks, don't use weird words, english is not my language (but I think you see it). :)

2 Jun 14, 2008 20:01

Hi Pasmal. This seems a great hack for B2evo. I downloaded the file from your website and tried to follow the instructions. However, I could not find the file in the skins folder, so I'm a bit stuck.

Any suggestions? Thanks :D :D :D

3 Jun 14, 2008 21:53

Hi Lusus. Welcome to the forums.

It seems this hack requires v2.something so I gotta ask: are you running v2.something or an older version?

Assuming v2.something, then you most certainly should have a file named in your /skins/ folder, but you might also have one with the same name in your /skins/yourskin/ folder. You would have to make the specified change in the second one IF your skin has that file. But anyway I'm guessing you don't have v2.something else you would have that file so there you go!

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