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Countdown Plug-in - Multiple users

Started by on Jun 01, 2008 – Contents updated: Jun 01, 2008

Jun 01, 2008 14:33    

We have installed the countdown plug-in, and I see how to play with the settings, as B2E admin. But I would like individual users, working in individual blogs, to be able to change settings for themselves, and I do not see how to do that. Is this an issue of privileges, or do I need to install for each user, or ...? Thanks in advance!

Jun 02, 2008 01:27

On your plugin settings change it to "widget settings". I forget the term for it, but it is a dropdown box that says if the plugin has one value for the settings for all instances of the widget, or if each instance of the widget gets their own settings.

BTW this plugin will be updated in the next couple of days.

Oh and I'm pretty sure that's covered in the readme file.

Jun 02, 2008 15:34

Yes, I see it in the ReadMe file, as follows:

If you want to enable a different counter in each instance of the widget select "Widget Settings" and click "Save". (edit by EdB)

So, I uninstalled and reinstalled the plug-in. In the Plug-in settings, I erased the values for the fields From/To Year", "From/To Month", and "From/To Day". (These values were filled in by default with I went to edit the plug-in settings. Then I attempted to switch to the Widgets settings. But I received back the following error messages:

* The value for «From/To Year» must be numeric.
* The value for «From/To Month» must be numeric.
* The value for «From/To Day» must be numeric.

FWIW, this is the first time I've installed such a plug-in. So if I seem a total beginner in this respect, I am. :) It appears there is something I don't get ... yet.

Do I need to uninstall, empty a cache, then resinstall? Or is there simply something I'm not seeing. I am blind in one eye ... sometimes I really do miss things that are "right in front of me", or nearly so. If you (or anyone) are willing, I would appreciate a bit more help. I imagine that once I "see" this for one plug-in, I'll see it for all of them.


Jun 02, 2008 15:40

Oh, and is there a way I can sign up to be notified when the upcoming update becomes available? Thanks!

Jun 02, 2008 17:06

Interesting. I never tested the plugin with nothing in the fields, so it seems you are getting the "must be numeric" because (nothing) is not numeric. That is actually not something I can fix in the plugin though. It would be a bug in how the field is interpreted by the core.

So just change the "Source" field to "widget settings" and then change the values when you install the widget in a blog. No need to empty the fields is what I mean.

For notifications you can subscribe to my hackblog feed because I think feed readers will notify when a post content is changed, or install the BOPIT plugin (also in the readme I'm pretty sure) and let it notify you when I update the plugin's version number. Probably BOPIT is the better of the two methods because then you will get notified when all your BOPIT-enabled plugins get updated version numbers.

(PS: please edit the post above this one. copy/pasting html isn't really needed is the thing, plus since I wrote it I pretty much sorta know what it says ;) )

Jun 02, 2008 18:09

Well, thank you very much. I now have the plug-in set to "Widgets", I didn't realize that was all I needed to do. And sorry about quoting you to yourself, I didn't realize you were you, so to speak. :):)

You write: "PS: please edit the post above this one." I'm willing ... how?

Have installed BOPIT, thanks for that great suggestion, what a great idea for a plug-in. Obvious, too ... once somebody has done it. :)

Jun 03, 2008 16:30

I'll get the edit done. I thought any poster could edit their own posts so I figured you would have an "edit" button off on the right top of your posts. Perhaps not? Being a moderator around here gives me extra buttons is the thing.

Yeah BOPIT is great. And yeah once you see it you're like "of course we need this". Every now and then you'll find a plugin that the author hasn't joined the BOPIT squad though. For sure when I make an update I update my blog post then BOPIT, and if I'm not already tired out I update the forum thread for the plugin. Sometimes I don't though because wow I post too much here. Like "get a life" seems applicable yah?

See the thing is I make too many settings, but I try to cover all bases with them. So anything from me that is a widget maker will (probably) have at least one "source" option. SOMETIMES I break stuff into groups that The Admin can switch bits and pieces to each widget instance ... or each blogger as the case may be.

Jun 03, 2008 17:35

Yes, I am modcerator in some discussion groups, and I sometimes have to remind myself that I have access to controls the others don't. Makes for some fun times.

Thanks again for all your help!

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