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1 Jun 18, 2004 11:05    

I am using the wordpress gutenburg template. I am new to this css thing and i am wondering how I make an item such as the calendar, etc switch from the right column to the left or vice versa. i have looked through the files and have not figured it out

2 Jun 18, 2004 17:25

Ok, first you need to think about what you need. Do you want some items on the sidebar to stay on one side while others go on the other side, or do you want the whole side bar to move?

If you just want to move the bar to the other side, you'll probably need to look at it's float property (just guessing, haven't actually looked). If you want to make two bars - thats a bit more complicated. There are actually plenty of css tutorials on the net (try here for a start: ), but if you give more details as to what you're trying to achieve, we'llbe able to better point you in the right direction.

4 Jun 19, 2004 19:30

The gutenburg template is already a three column layout. The calendar and search bar on right and the rest of the blog items on left. I am thinking of swappping some items from one side to the other and when I add items I do not know how to pick where they go. I spent a couple hours going through the layout but didnt get too far.

6 Jun 20, 2004 08:51

I meant to say wpc_mark's 3 clumn. I have three blogs going and I got the names mixed up-sorry. marks's three clumn is a three column template but i dont understand how to locate itmes in the columns or change the location.


7 Jun 20, 2004 09:44

The 'Mark's 3 col template is a very tricky one to begin swapping items, cause it's all hard hardcoded in the css-file.
Offcourse you can change the things in in CSS

On line 113 of the CSS you'll see this lines :

#calendar, #search, #archives {
left: 617px;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
position: absolute;
width: 150px;
background: #e8e8e8 url(images/menu-background.gif) repeat-x;
border: 1px solid #369;

That means that the calendar, search and archives will display in the right column.
The other 'blocks' also have an id-class.

I can only say : If you are not familiar with CSS, start with an other template. Because this one is a tricky one.

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