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1 Jun 29, 2008 05:25    

lets say i have a post and i use cat&subcat in the single post url and i change my post's categories each time as;

then i change my mind and change it to sth like


and so on.. the example may be extended.As you lose your old permanent url, it's possible that users bookmarking it, viewing from cache, or whatever, it will result with a 404 for many reasons..

Solution ? :

Does it make sense to store the old perm url's of each post
-in our case-

and forward to the latest one automatically

without fixing this; perm urls are not permanent enough actually

2 Jun 29, 2008 23:22

Hi tilqicom!

Look at canonical settings under the SEO tab :D

3 Jun 29, 2008 23:32

hmm.. interesting, thanks walter...what does it exactly do ? should i leave it checked or unchecked to allow old urls of the post to the newest one ?

4 Jun 30, 2008 13:20

checked is the right answer :)

5 Jun 30, 2008 14:00

it was already checked ever since.. than we are not talking about the same thing :P

i ve changed many posts' categories (i dont have to mention that i am usng category names in my perm urls i suppose ) and my posts has been never redirected to the latest one (:

6 Jun 30, 2008 16:32

Hum, right, I misunderstood you :)

the canonical settings can handle the case where you you change your urls from one scheme to another...

Maybe the right thing to do is a redirect post os some dirty trick with mod_rewrite :D

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