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1 Jul 17, 2008 18:08

I just installed the latest version of b2e after my host failed to upgrade my old 1.10.

I'm writing about current events in the online gaming industry as well as going over some good 3D web apps. I'm really happy with b2e and how functional it is in regards to video support, plugins, widgets etc...

Thanks for a great piece of 'software'.

2 Jul 17, 2008 18:27

It's been ages since I played with 3d for the web .... do people still use VRML ?


3 Jul 17, 2008 18:34

It's still around but I'm not sure which direction it's headed in. The general consensus is that it's fallen too far behind to be competitive and very few people are using it these days. 3D Studio Max still has vrml content exporters, if I remember correctly, so it hasn't been completely forsaken.

In any case, I entered the scene sometime after that. :)

Director 3D really motivated me, it being way ahead of its time. Unfortunately it's died very slowly. Unity 3D is just so powerful and the amount of work going into it means it's developing rapidly. It's also getting some decent exposure now.

4 Jul 17, 2008 18:56

I'll have to have a root around to find out what language they use nowadays, I've promised myself for years that I'd slap up a 3d section to InnerVisions again ... never seem to be able to justify the time it'd take though :(


5 Jul 17, 2008 19:08

There's no real standard as of yet but flash 10 has support for 3D content, software rendered though. If Flash were to get hardware accel for that stuff...woo.

6 Jul 17, 2008 19:13

May as well stick with VRML then :D At least I know I can bend the world via php to suit my needs ;)


7 Aug 19, 2008 17:39

oh em gee, VRML. classic :p the language everyone thought will revolutionize web browsing T_T

I remember playing a VRML web game a decade ago, it was so popular then until a few years later then started charging. Can't remember it. Officially they are the first game to incorporate "Gamevertising", it was not Second Life.

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