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1 Jul 24, 2008 09:39    

For the first time I tested the notifications stuff in b2evo and I think there are several things that could be improved:

1.- It would be nice to give the user the option to receive a digest of all the posts of the day, instead of one mail everyime a post is published, sort of the way Feedbuner does it. Ideally notifications would be sent in batchs from a cron job and according to the user's time zone (so that they receive the digest for instance at 19:00 local time every day, wherever they are).

2.- It would also be nice to be able to sent only the post's excerpts instead of the full post content and with HTML stripped. Believe it or not, there's people (like me) who don't use HTML mail readers (I use mutt and don't think will ever change). In any case, the post content could be sent as a multipart/alternative (I think that'S the proper name) with one text/plain and one text/html for everyone, or even better let the use decide in which format he or she wants to receive the notifications.

3.- Allow non-registered users to request notifications for comments to their comments, so that they will comeback (hopefully) whenever the discussion is kept alive by someone else. I think this is essential (and wordpress has it), it could probably be implemented by a Plugin. Again, feedback on this would be appreciated, because I'm really interested on this feature and could try to implement it myself.

I know this requests could be a little complicated, but if somebody points me in the right direction, I might give it a shot at trying to implement this.

OK, that's all for now.

Did I say b2evolution rocks?

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