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1 Aug 03, 2008 13:11    


This may be something trivial, but I can't find it. I'm sure you won't like me to refer to Wordpress, but that's the easiest way to describe what I would like to have. ;-)

So, there you can have a checkbox next to the comment's submit button with something like "I want to receive email notifications about further comments to this post".

The key feature is that the anonymous commenter can choose if s/he wants to receive emails or not.

Is it possible to do something like this with b2evo?


2 Aug 08, 2008 20:45

Hi vmiklos. Welcome to the forums.

I guess anything is possible, but as far as I know it hasn't been done with b2evolution yet. Usually the canned answer is "they can grab the feed" but the canned response to that is "not everyone knows what to do with feeds". So yeah this would make a good plugin option one day.

3 Aug 08, 2008 21:45

Exactly. I have rss2email and I can just drop in a feed, but even that sounds like a big overhead, since probably after some time I'll just remove the feed when I do a cleanup (a few months later) and this way it's easy to miss comments...

Could you please give a few useful links where should I read about writing b2evo plugins?

Yes, I know PHP, but I'm totally unfamiliar with b2evo as a developer - though I would happily write such a plugin.

I tried google://b2evo+how+to+write+a+plugin but haven't found anything usable yet.


4 Aug 08, 2008 22:35

I don't think there is any place to go that will be tutorial in nature regarding plugin creation, but hey you can always deconstruct one that does something similar to what you want.

So like you want to hook into the comment form. Captcha and my TuringTest both do that, so there's a hook you can get some code to take advantage of. Then you will probably need a database table to track "this username and email address is watching this post ID", so you would want to grab a plugin that makes a database table. I'm trying to think of one I did that makes a table... AcroLink does it, probably quite a few others as well. Finally you would need to figure out a way to send the email when the post gets another comment. Probably using the same hook as for making the checkbox, but I don't really know for sure.

There's got to be some resources though... Oh here's one: in inc/plugins/model/_plugins_admin.class.php near the top you will find a list of all the hooks with some groovy info about most of them. For example the middle of these three might help you know when it is time to send an email to a non-member of the blog:

				'AfterCommentDelete' => 'Gets called after a comment has been deleted from the database.',
				'AfterCommentInsert' => 'Gets called after a comment has been inserted into the database.',
				'AfterCommentUpdate' => 'Gets called after a comment has been updated in the database.',

Damn I used to have a link to automagically generated documentation but can't find it now. I always thought that was the coolest tool available for working through the functions and whatnots, but damn I can't find it.


5 Aug 08, 2008 23:26

random quess: doxygen? :)

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