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1 Aug 09, 2008 03:52    

IF the file is an image then why not show the thumbnail when you click on "edit properties"? Because no one ever hacked it - UNTIL NOW! That's right - for a limited time only if you act now operators are standing by no cost or obligation YOU can hack your core and get a groovy thumbnail image when you click on the "edit properties" link on the file manager page.

Okay that's boring. Open up inc/files/views/_file_properties.form.php and find this:

$Form->begin_form( 'fform', T_('File properties') );

Now replace it with this:

if( strpos( $edit_File->get_type(), 'image' ) ) {
	$Form->begin_form( 'fform', '<img src="'.$edit_File->get_thumb_url().'" class="middle" />&nbsp;&nbsp;'.T_('File properties') );
	} else {
	$Form->begin_form( 'fform', T_('File properties') );

You will get your thumbnail prior to the "File properties" title on the page, or nothing if it is not a mimetype "???? image" file type.

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