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1 Aug 17, 2008 01:26    

2.4.2 by the way.

So I'm working on a bit of a hack, and it works. The thing is to test the hack I needed to have a blog with a mix of posts that have linked images and posts that don't. So I started working with the linkblog blog in a default installation. At first I added a new post with a linked image and got all the proper sizes for my file manager and skin and sidebar feature. I then went on to test a detail about the hack: will it get the right number of linked images from a set of mixed posts?

To do this I uploaded 3 random images, then edited 3 of the existing posts in the linkblog and linked an image to them. When I visit the linkblog my sidebar shows the proper size image that I want, but the post itself shows the 80 by 80 thumbnail. Interesting data that might help resolve this issue is that the image properties shows a kinda strange path.


Oh snap! I'll post this, but since I'm seeing this on what now counts as a hacked installation it is very possible that the "bug" was self induced. I got some stuff to do but later on I'll undo all the hackage and test again.

2 Aug 17, 2008 07:25


Rather, a bug with making 'fit-400x320' be 'fit-400x800'. Duh... After changing that value in inc/files/model/_file.class.php I also gotta change it in the skin that uses that size AND inc/items/model/_item.class.php else they'll be looking for a size that doesn't exist.

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