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1 Aug 17, 2008 20:32    

[url=]Where we present a tutorial embedded in a hack :)[/url]

What this does for you is it creates a new widget. Not a plugin that makes a widget: actually creating an actual widget that shows up in your list of widgets like all the stock existing widgets. I did it that way because I've already hacked core files so why would I bother with the "plugin as middleman" hogging up server resources it doesn't need? That by the way is the tutorial part: how easy it is to simply add a new widget to the list. Basically you write your new widget (create a file) and modify one file so that it knows your new widget exists.

THIS particular hack acts kinda like the "Post list" widget except for it only shows posts that have a linked image in them, then gives you an appropriately resized image for use in your sidebar. To make sure it worked I had to add a new parameter for how many posts to look through to try to get the number of images you want. So like if you want 5 images but sometimes post without a linked image you might tell it to look through 10 posts to find 5 with linked images.

Many thanks to sam2kb for his get_file_by_item_ID() hack, which, by the way, I actually made slightly more awesome to support this hack.

2 Aug 17, 2008 20:57

sounded too specific for my needs , but you never know when it may come handy, thanks for the widget- or hack - or whatever you call it (:
i presume you ve created it in need of yours, but i like when people share even their custom things.will test it some time and be back with feedback..cheers

3 Aug 17, 2008 21:25

Many thanks for improved function ;)

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