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SEO and semicolons

Started by on Sep 01, 2008 – Contents updated: Sep 01, 2008

Sep 01, 2008 18:01    

Hi all!

I've found a little issue with semicolons in tag urls: looks like google can't see the semicolon.

Using google webmaster tools, I see a lot of 404 requests to urls like:, when the correct is; . I have changed the tag urls settings to be, but I think that we should attack this problem.

That's all folks!

Sep 06, 2008 12:29

I've noticed this problem a few months ago, and I'm also using the "parameter" setting. I think the semicolon is necessary for b2evo to distinguish between normal post URLs and tag URLs (let me check the code ;)).


// Does the pathinfo end with a / or a ; ?
$last_char = substr( $path_string, -1 );
if( $last_char == ';' )
{  // ENDING SEMI COLUMN -> We'll consider this to be a tag page

inc/, line 160 (b2evo 2.4.2)

Maybe we should allow the user to change the semicolon to another char, but what if Google doesn't like the other char, too?

//edit: I added an option in my local b2evo installation. I think I'll patch my live installation and see if it works with a colon instead of the semicolon: (sigh, they want you to login... try [url=]BugMeNot[/url]).

//edit #2: Done. My tag URLs now look like "". If you know how to use diff files and want to try it (use at your own risk etc...): The patch adds an option on the SEO settings page (section Tag pages).

Sep 08, 2008 20:51

Works with a colon? I will try your patch.

Sep 09, 2008 16:50

Great, thanks for the information. :)

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