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1 Jun 26, 2004 08:51    

I created a plugin to turn acronyms like "PHP" into "<acronym title="PHP: Hypertext Processor">PHP</acronym>". I added loads of acronyms, but it's really easy to open up the file and add/remove the acronyms that you want to use.

Unpack it, and upload the file to $blogurl/plugins/renderers/

Once the file is there, you'll have the option to check "Auto-Acronym" in the lower-right while posting or editing in the backoffice.

FYI: It's REALLY easy to do stuff like this with version If you open up the other files in the plugin directory, it should be really easy to add new stuff if you know a bit of php.

2 Jun 26, 2004 22:28

Thanks for spotting the typo, EdB.

I just corrected a spelling error, added a few more acronyms, and made a slight change so that it will play nice with autolinks. If you spot any more problems, please post here. Thanks.

3 Jun 27, 2004 18:54

You're quite welcome Isaac. (I pm'd him about a typo in one of his acronyms.) By the way I've almost got the entire list of acronyms you asked for plugged in...but my editor can't seem to handle the file size 8|

Questions for ya:

In looking at the code it appears this will give a "tool tip" when you mouseover the acronym. Is that correct? Assuming this is the case then I should have no problem decorating it with a bit of CSS.

I see a short and long description so I wonder where a visitor (blogger?) would see those descriptions. In other words I understand where short and long show up for a blog but not for a plugin.

Finally, correct me if I'm wrong here: If I make an acronym out of LZ (landing zone) and type " in the LZ at..." or " in the LZ, around..." will get me the tool tip, but if I type " in theLZ at..." it wouldn't because it only works on character strings flanked by non-letter/number characters.

5 Jun 27, 2004 22:16

You got it right, Ed. By default, Mozilla will put a dotted line under acronyms, but IE doesn't style them at all, so you'll have to style them with CSS.

You'll notice that most of the acros in the file are computer-related, since that's what I blog about most. But you can add new ones/delete some really easily. I tried to avoid cases where there was one acronym with two different meanings.

6 Jun 28, 2004 23:23

try this:

<a href="" title="the USA say...">foo bar</a>

the plugin will create an acronym for USA and that destroys the a-tag.

7 Jun 29, 2004 00:40

Yep, I just found this today myself. Will be corrected soon with a second preg replace to turn (<[^<]*)(<[^>]*>)([^>]*>) into $1$3. Feel free to test it out if you'd like, but that PCRE is off the top of my head and untested, so it very well might not work.

Actually, it should be more like this:


Won't be 100% sure till I get home to play with it, tho.

8 Jun 29, 2004 08:28

Ok, fixed.

While I was at it, I also tweaked it to add the appropriate title to links that have none. So, if you have a link like

<a href="">PHP</a>

then it'll turn it into

<a href="" title="PHP: Hypertext Processor">PHP</a>

BUT, if you have

<a href="" title="PHP is Cool!">PHP</a>

then it'll leave it untouched.

10 Jul 03, 2004 17:01

XML is wrong. It should be eXtensible Markup Language not eXtended Markup Language.

12 Aug 23, 2004 09:12

Great application... Does it work on ?

I installed it and get the tick option in the back office but get no tooltips on the acronyms


Please disregard.... works fine, just need to add some styling.

Great time saver.

14 Sep 13, 2004 02:15

This is a wonderful plugin. Also looking at ways to use it to make some aspects of 508 accessibility automatic. Here is the list of accronyms, plus a few more, alphabetized [So I'm anal] to make updating easier. BTW, any chance of adding the list to the b2e Wiki to make it easier to update. Or, even better, something like the anti-spam list for auto udating?

'ABC' => 'American Broadcasting Corporation',
'ABR' => 'Average Bit Rate',
'AC' => 'Alternating Current',
'ACK' => 'Acknowledgment',
'AD' => 'Administrative Domain',
'ADA' => 'Americans with Disabilities Act',
'ADC' => 'Analog to Digital Converter',
'ADSL' => 'Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop (Line)',
'AFNOR' => 'Association francaise de normalisation (French Standardization)',
'AFAICS' => 'As Far As I Can See',
'AFAICT' => 'As Far As I Can Tell',
'a\.k\.a\.' => 'Also Known As',
'aka' => 'Also Known As',
'AM' => 'Amplitude Modulation',
'AMPS' => 'Advanced Mobile Phone Service',
'AMR' => 'Adaptive MultiRate',
'AMR-WB' => 'Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband',
'ANI' => 'Automatic Number Identification',
'ANOVA' => 'Analysis of Variance Procedure',
'ANSI' => 'American National Standards Institute',
'APEC' => 'Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation',
'API' => 'Application Programming Interface',
'ASAP' => 'As Soon As Possible',
'ASCII' => 'American Standard Code for Information Interchange',
'ASIC' => 'Application Specific Integrated Circuit',
'ASP' => 'Active Server Pages',
'b2e' => 'b2evolution - Evolve your Website',
'b2evo' => 'b2evolution - A Multi-Lingual, Multi-User, Multi-Purpose Blogging Engine',
'Bay Area' => 'San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA',
'BI' => 'Business Intelligence',
'BOAF' => 'Birds of a Feather',
'BOF' => 'Beginning Of File',
'B&W' => 'Black and White',
'B/W' => 'Black and White',
'CA' => 'California, USA',
'cally' => 'California, USA',
'Cally' => 'California, USA',
'CBS' => 'Capital Broadcasting System',
'CGI' => 'Common Gateway Interface -or- Computer Generated Image',
'CMS' => 'Content Management System',
'COM' => 'Common Object Model',
'CRLF' => 'Carriage Return Line Feed',
'CRT' => 'Cathode Ray Tube',
'CSS' => 'Cascading Style Sheets',
'CSU' => 'Customer Service Unit',
'CZDS' => 'Clarise Z. Doval Santos',
'DC' => 'Direct Current',
'DM' => 'Data Mining',
'DOA' => 'Dead On Arrival',
'DOM' => 'Document Object Model',
'DPI' => 'Dots Per Inch',
'DSL' => 'Digital Subscriber Line',
'DSU' => 'Data Service Unit',
'DTD' => 'Document Type Definition',
'DW' => 'Data Warehouse',
'DnD' => 'Dungeons and Dragons',
'D&D' => 'Dungeons and Dragons',
'EAI' => 'Enterprise Application Integration',
'EII' => 'European Information Infrastructure',
'ELM' => 'ELectronic Mail',
'EOF' => 'End Of File',
'ETL' => 'Extract Transform and Load',
'EQ' => 'Everquest',
'EU' => 'European Union',
'FAQ' => 'Frequently Asked Question(s)',
'FM' => 'Frequency Modulation',
'FTP' => 'File Transfer Protocol',
'FYI' => 'For Your Information',
'GIF' => 'Graphics Interchange Format',
'GPL' => 'General Public Licence',
'GNU' => 'GNU\'s Not Unix',
'GUI' => 'Graphical User Interface',
'HTML' => 'HyperText Markup Language',
'HTTP' => 'Hyper Text Transfer Protocol',
'IASC' => 'InterActive Systems & Consulting, Inc. -',
'I/O' => 'Input/Output',
'IIS' => 'Internet Information Services',
'IMAP' => 'Internet Message Access Protocol',
'IMO' => 'In My Opinion',
'IMHO' => 'In My Humble Opinion',
'IMNSHO' => 'In My Not So Humble Opinion',
'IRL' => 'In Real Life',
'irl' => 'In Real Life',
'IZS' => 'Isaac Z. Schlueter -',
'JAdP' => 'Joseph A. di Paolantonio',
'LAN' => 'Local Area Network',
'LGPL' => 'Limited General Public License',
'LISP' => 'Lots of Incredibly Silly Parentheses',
'LMK' => 'Let Me Know',
'LMKIYHAQ' => 'Let Me Know If You Have Any Questions',
'LMKWYT' => 'Let Me Know What You Think',
'MAN' => 'Metropolitan Area Network',
'MIA' => 'Missing In Action',
'MIME' => 'Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions - a specification for multimedia document formats',
'MMP' => 'Massively Multi-Processor',
'MMORPG' => 'Massively Multi-player On-line Role Playing Game',
'M\$' => 'MicroSoft',
'MSN' => 'Microsoft Network',
'MSNBC' => 'MicroSoft Network/National Broadcasting Corporation',
'MUD' => 'Multi-User Dungeon -or- Municipal Utility District',
'NAFTA' => 'North American Free Trade Association',
'NATO' => 'North Atlantic Treaty Organization',
'NBC' => 'National Broadcasting Corporation',
'nocal' => 'Northern California, California, USA',
'NoCal' => 'Northern California, California, USA',
'NYC' => 'New York City, New York, USA',
'ODBC' => 'Open DataBase Connectivity',
'OEM' => 'Original Equipment Manufacturer',
'OLAP' => 'On-Line Analytical Processing',
'OLTP' => 'On-Line Transaction Processing',
'OS' => 'Operating System',
'PAN' => 'Personal Area Network',
'PC' => 'Personal Computer',
'PCMCIA' => 'PC Memory Card International Association (PC Makers Create Interesting Acronyms)',
'PDF' => 'Portable Document Format',
'PEBKAC' => 'Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair',
'PERL' => 'Practical Extraction and Report Language',
'PHP' => 'PHP: Hypertext Processor',
'php' => 'PHP: Hypertext Processor',
'PEAR' => 'PHP Extension and Application Repository',
'PIN' => 'Personal Identification Number',
'PINE' => 'Pine is not ELM',
'PMI' => 'Project Management Institute',
'PMP' => 'Project Management Professional - certified',
'PNG' => 'PNG\'s not GIF',
'POTS' => 'Plain Old Telephone Service',
'POP' => 'Point of Presence',
'POP3' => 'Post Office Protocol version 3',
'PPP' => 'Point to Point Protocol',
'PSTN' => 'Public Switched Telephone Network',
'RAM' => 'Random Access Memory',
'RAMLS' => 'Reliability Availability Maintainability Logistics and Safety - the illities',
'ROTFL' => 'Rolling on the Floor Laughing',
'QA' => 'Quality Assurance',
'SQA' => 'Software Quality Assurance',
'SD' => 'Secure Digital -or- San Diego, California, USA',
'SF' => 'San Francisco (Bay Area) California, USA',
'SMP' => 'Symetrical Multi-Processor',
'SMTP' => 'Simple Mail Transport Protocol',
'SNMP' => 'Simple Network Management Protocol',
'socal' => 'Southern California, USA',
'Socal' => 'Southern California, USA',
'SoCal' => 'Southern California, USA',
'SQL' => 'Structured Query Language',
'SWAK' => 'Sealed with a Kiss',
'TANSTAAFL' => 'There Ain\'t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch',
'TCPIP' => 'Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol',
'TCP/IP' => 'Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol',
'TIA' => 'TeleInterActive -',
'TIFF' => 'Tagged Inline File Format',
'USA' => 'United States of America',
'UN' => 'United Nations',
'VISA' => 'VISA International Service Association',
'W3C' => 'World Wide Web Consortium',
'WAN' => 'Wide Area Network',
'WWW' => 'World Wide Web',
'XHTML' => 'eXtensible HyperText Markup Language',
'XML' => 'eXtensible Markup Language',
'YAML' => 'YAML Ain\'t Markup Language'

15 Apr 08, 2005 20:40

So, I had a bit of a different idea... that is, I don't really want every acronym marked up automagically but I would like an easy way to enter acronyms when editing a post.

I figured an editing toolbar button would be best, so I hacked the _quicktags.toolbar.php plugin to ad an "acronym" button that will add any text you specify to the title="" atrribute of an acronym tag around the text you've selected:

It's a pretty clean hack in that I pretty much just duplicated the add link button behavior with the text added in the title attribute insead of the href attribute. Unfortunately, it requires a bit of editing so I just made a patch file for the quicktags toolbar plugin that you can run to add this functionality to your editing toolbars. Here's what you do to patch your quicktags plugin (that which is shipped with

16 Apr 08, 2005 20:49

please be aware that most hosts don't allow shell access and i'm quite sure most users don't know to read a patch-file and perform the changes.

17 Apr 08, 2005 21:20

great point... here's a straight diff of the two files:

> 		b2evoButtons[b2evoButtons.length] = new b2evoButton('b2evo_acronym'
> 																							,'acronym'
> 																							,'','</acronym>'
> 																							,'z'
> 																							,'<?php echo T_('Acronym title [Alt-Z]') ?>'
> 																							); // special case
> 			else if ( == 'b2evo_acronym')
> 			{
> 				document.write('<input type="button" id="' + + '" accesskey="' + button.access + '" title="' + button.tit + '" class="quicktags" onclick="b2evoInsertAcronym(b2evoCanvas, ' + i + ');" value="' + button.display + '" />');
> 			}
> 		function b2evoInsertAcronym(myField, i, defaultValue) {
> 			if (!defaultValue) {
> 				defaultValue = '';
> 			}
> 			if (!b2evoCheckOpenTags(i)) {
> 				var TITLE = prompt('<?php echo T_('Acronym Title') ?>:' ,defaultValue);
> 				if (TITLE) {
> 					b2evoButtons[i].tagStart = '<acronym title="' + TITLE + '">';
> 					b2evoInsertTag(myField, i);
> 				}
> 			}
> 			else {
> 				b2evoInsertTag(myField, i);
> 			}
> 		}

And here is the [url=]code of _quicktags.toolbar.php[/url] (rename it to "_quicktags.toolbar.php").

19 Apr 20, 2005 16:31

I have no idea why IE doesn like this... I'm using the same method that is used for marking up links, so there should be the same problem with that too. In fact, other parts of b2evo don't seem to work in IE (for the Mac) as they do in other browsers. If you can find a fix that doesn't break it on other platforms, I'll add it. -Joe

20 Apr 20, 2005 16:54

Does anyone use mac IE anymore? I thought everyone used safari or firefox / camino...

21 Apr 20, 2005 17:32

No one should use IE on the Mac (MS no longer updates it), but people do.

I just checked and this doesn't work as expected in either IE on the Mac or Safari. It doesn't handle the case where you highlight text and either add a link or abbreviation. It just adds the leading a tag to the end of the post text and then you have to click the button again to close the tag (that works on Safari, but doesn't work in IE... IE stays stuck on the close tag function).

Some of this behavior seems similar to how the function for adding an image works... in that the img mark-up is always added to the end of the post.

I don't know what to do about this.

22 Apr 22, 2005 12:05

joebeone wrote:

I don't know what to do about this.

I saw that a <acronym title="ABC">The 3 letters</acronym> works on both IE and Firefox. I tried to change it manually and it's confirmed to works: now, is it possibile to change the <abbr> to <acronym> in the PHP-"script"? (I'm sorry, but I don't know PHP).


23 Jul 04, 2005 04:18

I am unable to get the formating to show up correctly. It will show a tool tip, but not underline the word.

see at :

here is what my css looks like:

acronym {
border-bottom-width: 1px;
border-bottom-style: dotted;
border-bottom-color: black;
cursor: help;

abbr {
border-bottom-width: 1px;
border-bottom-style: dotted;
border-bottom-color: black;
cursor: help;

24 Jul 05, 2005 17:39

Danny got me working.

The class was .info, not acronym or abbr

Thanks Personman

25 Sep 01, 2006 04:52

Has anyone discovered yet if AutoAcro works with 1.8.1, or is there something similar? If not I will experiment when I have time.

26 Sep 05, 2006 00:31

beano wrote:

Has anyone discovered yet if AutoAcro works with 1.8.1, or is there something similar? If not I will experiment when I have time.

AFAIK no one has made an auto-acro plugin for 1.8.*, so please do! It would be coolest if, instead of editing a file to add or remove keywords that get acronymized, we could do it from the back office. As an added bonus if you make this work I'll gladly turn your work into an auto-linking plugin.

Please do!!!

27 Sep 05, 2006 01:16

I've never written anything on that scale (not for b2evo anyway) before, but I suppose it could be an interesting challenge before I head back to uni in 3 weeks. If I do get to work on it I'll keep you posted.

28 Sep 05, 2006 03:38

Right, I've written a plugin and installed it, but it doesn't seem to work. I put all the functionality in the function called "RenderItemAsHtml" thinking that this was an event listener type function, that would be fired from the main script somehow - I guess not.

I wasn't surprised when the acronym tags didn't just magically appear though, I figured it would be a box to tick in the post admin screen, but there's no box there to tick!

The plugin render mode is set to opt-out. Anyone know anything obvious that this n00b has missed?

BTW I've configured the code to 'b2acro' - do I need to put this code in somewhere?


29 Sep 05, 2006 12:58

It it something we can look at, or is it for your personal use ?

30 Sep 05, 2006 13:38

Sorry, I should have explained that better - I was just a bit carried away, of course I'll post the code when it's done.

When I say it works, the plugin is being picked up and converting the acronyms, so in a kind of a way it works.

However, there are a few kinks in the regex I need to work out (hopefully straightforward) and it's only reading the acronyms from a conf file, not the db (slightly less straightforward).

31 Sep 05, 2006 21:06

This was my wishlist for the alinks-plugin ;)
If you can do something with it ;)

manual add links in a table : if the word google is in a post, and the link google is in the table with the link then that word get rendered (the fist time it is in that post

automatic add links in a table : when writing a post, you can tick a box that will add this page to the linktable… a popup (or something like that) will ask for the name you want this thing to have

overview of the complete table, paged (alphabetical) list of all words/urls

if a word allready exist, show an optionbox to replace the word with the new link (and also an option to recrwl the database) or to put in another word

very carefully with lower and uppercase… put in an option or something like that to let the user decide if he want that word also uppercase, lowercase, mixed case…
I don’t want to add manually google and GOOGLE and Google but just a tickbox (that even can be defaulted)

blog and/or user dependable
some users see the alinks possibility, other (lesser users) dont have to deal with it

32 Sep 09, 2006 02:36

Sorry, work on this seems to have ground to a halt, I'm a busy guy.

This is what I've got so far:


 * This file implements the Beano's Acronym plugin for b2evolution
 * b2evolution - {@link}
 * Released under GNU GPL License - {@link}
 * Beano's Acronym Plugin (v0.1 alpha - 05/09/2006)
 * copyright  (c)2006 by Steve Ferson (
if( !defined('EVO_MAIN_INIT') ) die( 'Please, do not access this page directly.' );

class acronym_plugin extends Plugin {
	var $code = 'b2acro';
	var $name = 'Acronyms';
	var $priority = 80;
	var $version = '1.8';
	var $apply_rendering = 'opt-out';

	 * Acronym search array (regex)
	var $search;

	 * Replace array
	var $replace;

	 * Acronym definitions
	var $acronyms;

	 * Acronym titles / explanations
	var $titles;

	 * Constructor
	function acronym_plugin() {
		$this->short_desc = T_('Acronym Explanations');
		$this->long_desc = T_('This renderer will convert groups of recognised initials (acronyms) in a post into HTML &lt;acronym&gt; elements with appropriate titles.');

		 * Acronym configuration.
		 * TODO: Store acronym/title pairs in database table
		require dirname(__FILE__).'/acronym_plugin/_conf.php';

	 * Perform rendering
	 * @see Plugin::RenderItemAsHtml()
	function RenderItemAsHtml( & $params ) {
		if( ! isset( $this->search ) )	{	// We haven't prepared the acronyms yet
			$this->search = array();

			$tempacros = $this->acronyms;
			uksort($tempacros, array(&$this, 'orderbylength'));

			foreach($tempacros as $acronym => $desc) {
				$this->search[] = '/(\b)'. $acronym .'(\b)/';
				$this->replace[] = '$1<acronym title="'.$desc.'">'. $acronym .'</acronym>$2';

		// REPLACE:  But only in PCDATA, exclude text inside <code> and <pre> elements
		$content = & $params['data'];

		// Check if data contains <code> or <pre> elements
		if( stristr( $content, '<code' ) !== false || stristr( $content, '<pre' ) !== false )	{ 
			// Call ReplaceTagSafe() on everything outside <pre></pre> and <code></code>:
			$content = callback_on_non_matching_blocks( $content,
					array( & $this, 'ReplaceTagSafe' ) );
		} else { // If there are no <code> or <pre> elements, it's safe to replace on the whole block of text
			$content = $this->ReplaceTagSafe($content);

		return true;

	 * This callback gets called once after every tags+text chunk
	 * @return string Text with replaced acronyms
	function preg_insert_acronyms_callback( $text )	{
		return preg_replace( $this->search, $this->replace, $text );

	 * Replace acronyms outside HTML-tags in the text.
	 * @uses callback_on_non_matching_blocks()
	function ReplaceTagSafe($text) 	{
		return callback_on_non_matching_blocks( $text, '~<[^>]*>~', array(&$this, 'preg_insert_acronyms_callback') );

	 * sorts the acronyms' array by length
	 * which allows greedy matching
	 * (ie will not match a 3 letter acronym if it's part of a 4 letter one)
	function orderbylength($a, $b) 	{
		if(($diff = strlen($b) - strlen($a)) == 0) {
			return strcmp($a, $b);
		return $diff;


 * This file hold the configuration for Beano's Acronym plugin for b2evolution.
 * copyright (c)2006 by Steve Ferson (
if( !defined('EVO_MAIN_INIT') ) die( 'Please, do not access this page directly.' );

# The conversion table. You can modify it if you know what you're doing
$this->acronyms = array(

		// Common
		'BBC'	=>	'British Broadcasting Corporation',
		'EFTA'	=>	'European Free Trade Association',
		'NAFTA'	=>	'North American Free Trade Agreement',
		'UK'	=>	'United Kingdom',
		'USA'	=>	'United States of America',
		'USSR'	=>	'Union of Soviet Socialist Republics',
		'VIP'	=>	'Very Important Person',
		// General Speech Shorthand
		'ASAP'	=>	'As Soon As Possible',
		'AKA'	=>	'Also Known As',
		'FFS'	=>	'For F**k Sake',
		'FWIW'	=>	'For What Its Worth',
		'FYI'	=>	'For Your Information',
		'IIRC'	=>	'If I Recall Correctly',
		'LOL'	=>	'Laugh Out Loud',
		'STFU'	=>	'Shut the F**k Up',
		'TBA'	=>	'To Be Arranged',
		'TBC'	=>	'To Be Confirmed',
		'TBD'	=>	'To Be Done',
		'WTF'	=>	'What The F**k',
		// Time
		'AD'	=>	'Anno Domini',
		'AM'	=>	'Anti Meridiem',
		'BC'	=>	'Before Christ',
		'BCE'	=>	'Before the Common Era',
		'BST'	=>	'British Summer Time',
		'CET'	=>	'Central European Time',
		'GMT'	=>	'Greenwich Mean Time',
		'PM'	=>	'Post Meridiem',
		// Computers & Internet
		'ADSL'	=>	'Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line',
		'AOL'	=>	'America Online',
		'CSV'	=>	'Comma Separated Value',
		'DSL'	=>	'Digital Subscriber Line',
		'FTP'	=>	'File Transfer Protocol',
		'HTML'	=>	'HyperText Markup Language',	
		'HTTP'	=>	'HyperText Transfer Protocol',
		'IMAP'	=>	'Internet Mail Access Protocol',
		'P2P'	=>	'Peer To Peer',
		'PHP'	=>	'PHP Hypertext Preprocessor',
		'POP'	=>	'Post Office Protocol',
		'SDSL'	=>	'Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line',
		'SMTP'	=>	'Simple Mail Transfer Protocol',
		'URL'	=>	'Uniform Resource Locator',
		'WWW'	=>	'World Wide Web',
		'XML'	=>	'eXtensible Markup Language',
		// Everything Ulster
		'DUP'	=>	'Democratic Unionist Party',
		'FAI'	=>	'Football Association of Ireland',
		'IFA'	=>	'Irish Football Association',
		'INLA'	=>	'Irish National Liberation Army',
		'IRA'	=>	'Irish Republican Army',
		'IRFU'	=>	'Irish Rugby Football Union',
		'LVF'	=>	'Loyalist Volunteer Force',
		'NI'	=> 	'Northern Ireland',
		'PSNI'	=> 	'Police Service of Northern Ireland',
		'QUB'	=>	'Queen\'s University, Belfast',
		'SDLP'	=>	'Social Democratic and Labour Party',
		'UDA'	=>	'Ulster Defence Association',
		'UFF'	=>	'Ulster Freedom Fighters',
		'UTV'	=>	'Ulster Television',
		'UUP'	=>	'Ulster Unionist Party',
		'UVF'	=>	'Ulster Volunteer Force',
		'UYM'	=>	'Ulster Young Militants',
		'YCV'	=>	'Young Citizen Volunteers'


33 Sep 09, 2006 03:04

beano, thanks for the work.
I'll give it a spin :

34 Sep 09, 2006 03:56

Works well, so far. Great to have a working Auto Acro back again :)

35 Sep 16, 2006 06:02

Is there anyway to adjust this plugin so that it doesn't just show you an URL for an acronym, but allows the reader to click on the acronym and be taken to a new URL?

36 Dec 14, 2006 05:13

In 1.9.1, I get the following error:

[Wed Dec 13 22:10:10 2006] [error] PHP Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier 'N' in /home/comlist/public_html/plugins/_acronym.plugin.php on line 98

37 Feb 23, 2007 12:10

cslepage wrote:

In 1.9.1, I get the following error:

[Wed Dec 13 22:10:10 2006] [error] PHP Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier 'N' in /home/comlist/public_html/plugins/_acronym.plugin.php on line 98

I'll see if I get time to upgrade to 1.9.2 over the weekend and look at the problem then.

38 Feb 24, 2007 18:36

I have performed said upgrade with no problems. The acronym plugin works fine, this is going to require more thought :(

cslepage wrote:

In 1.9.1, I get the following error:

[Wed Dec 13 22:10:10 2006] [error] PHP Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier 'N' in /home/comlist/public_html/plugins/_acronym.plugin.php on line 98

What's the actual acronym you're using and what's the explanation/definition for it?

cslepage wrote:

Is there anyway to adjust this plugin so that it doesn't just show you an URL for an acronym, but allows the reader to click on the acronym and be taken to a new URL?

based on what you said here, I'm guessing you're using URLs (including forwardslashes) as your 'definition'. If this is the case this may be what's causing the problem - this isn't what the plugin was designed for. What you're looking for is something to convert an acronym to a link from the looks of it. I think I read somewhere on another thread that you found a plugin to do this but if any of what I've said here is wrong, let me know.

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