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1 Sep 28, 2008 12:44    

I am so pleased to announce the creation of the CSI Blog Space using b2evolution software. will be used by students at The Christian Success Institute to blog while learning the intricacies of blogging.

2 Sep 29, 2008 10:55

Hehehe. Nice blog, liek the logo graphic too!

Good idea using Christians as your customer base and then teaching them to market. It's like teaching buddhists to fight lol.

Good luck!

3 Sep 29, 2008 13:48

Thanks for the reply. Actually I'm teaching Christians to use the world as a customer base. There are many Christians who are in business for themselves. Learning biblical principles to deal with people who have no regard for ethics gives them the upper hand.

Anyone can become a student, even a buddhist. You don't have to be a Christian.

4 Nov 03, 2008 15:03

Some of the greatest martial arts masters were buddhists. I intend to make Christians masters of Internet Marketing - hehehe

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