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1 Oct 03, 2008 10:17    

hey...I need help! I'm a newbie not even so familiar with softwares. But I got other ideas I wud like to share to everyone. I hardly understand what everyone here has been talking about... I feel I am a businessman who can sell a car... and currently I am in a big bus with several technical people talking about science and engineering... while the great majority are waiting for them to come up with HOW ALL OF US CAN TRULY USE THE BUS READILY, SAFELY, AND COMFORTABLY! Wud anyone here dare to help me how to make a discussion in this site about many things other than your current agenda?

Thanks a lot!!!

2 Oct 03, 2008 15:30

Not sure quite what you mean there, but this Forum is created to help support, and become a meeting place for those who use the blogging software.

Blogging is a method of putting data or logs onto a website... New craze, you should google it.

Google is a search engine to index websites and help people find what they are looking for on the web.

The web is what you are looking at now.

Are you english? Or Foreign?

Maybe translate what you're trying to say a bit better and we can help :)


3 Oct 06, 2008 13:19

Many thanks Adam !!!
I'm actually a blogger in another blogsite which hung up due (probably) to too many messages...about 200 pages (equivalent Microsoft Word pages). Please bear with me... I don't have an excellent grasp of software lingo's... I don't know how to convert these pages into bytes.

I would ask if b2evolution is capable of providing blog discussion without getting crammed up like the Yahoo Mail which can store quite a number of mails.

Am foreign but I do understand english well... my only problem here is how to say things in your field of expertise...

Thanks again.

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