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1 Oct 20, 2008 05:21    

This is a new project to see how long it would take a 14 year old to start getting page rank.

She hit a PR of one in less than a month and a half. doing great!
[url=]Dogs Accessories Blog[/url]

Defiantly learning that it takes a lot of writing to do what she is doing.

I'm proud of her!

Brad West ~ onomoney

2 Mar 03, 2009 20:54

With the growing trend of dogs and animals having exposure on the net. Exposing your animal to the world seems to be a worth wile thing to do.

Our dogs on twitter alone have more friends than we do. There is something to be said for letting your animals attract some of your traffic.

Any one is welcome to become their dog and get some links from our site.

Unless your into porn, or drugs our dogs don't hang with no drugged out porndogs. LOL

Great things are happening everywhere.
Proud of Cait's site
Brad West ~ onomoney

3 Jun 29, 2009 18:31

The Purple Beauty Skin designed originally by Dieter Schneider, Whose link seems to be broken. and it looks like [url=]EdB[/url] has had his hand on upgrading or maintaining it has a new look now.

As a matter a fact the skin seems to be so complete that we have adopted the skin for all our blogs now.

Great product
Brad West ~ onomoney

4 Oct 25, 2009 00:38

Just an Update on the Purple Beauty Skin through all the upgrades and all this skin has held up the best out of any that we have run. I would highly recommend using and customizing it for your own personal needs.

Cait is now 15 years old not 14.

Thanks for the great work!
Brad West ~ onomoney

5 Jan 22, 2010 19:41

The girls decided to actually build a blog for stuffed animal products on the dog blog. After much trial and error I think they have figured a way to make it work best for seo. it takes a bit more time but posting individually gives more pages.

We have tested this against wp and seem to be getting a little more power from b2. Still tweaking and testing, next is to implement a Google site map.

6 May 23, 2010 07:09

Considering that google updates PR on the quarterly basis her timing must have been perfect.

7 Jul 05, 2010 12:19

thanks for this post....

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