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1 Dec 02, 2008 05:55    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x


Is there another plug in other than the star rating system? I am a member on one blog site that uses what they call "Karma Points". You gain karma points overtime by commenting on other people's blogs, and posting on your own. You can get to a maximum of 10 Karma points.
In turn, when you comment or click "vote" on someone elses post their popularity ranking goes up because they get your karma points added.
Example: I have 10 Karma points, so when I post it automatically has a 10. then three people come along, one new member with a 1, another with a 5, and another with a 10. they all vote for my post. Now my post has 26.
I think the plugin should have a title area where you can call it something other than Karma Points.

Is this possible in some way? Is there already something out there like this?
Thanks to anyone that can help with this.

Gene :-)

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