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1 Dec 15, 2008 20:06    

If the truth be told, [url=]this blog[/url] is hardly new, with the first ever post being made on 9 Sep 2005 and long since depreciated. However, a little over a week ago I got round to upgrading to 2.4.5 and as a result it's all got a little bit of a lift in usage. The skin is basically the vastitude one, but with a couple of small tweaks, mainly the header image which was shot last Thursday.

Over the past few days, I've got a much better appreciation from what a blog can be set up to do, spurred on for the most part by having access to the much improved admin capabilities that go with this version. In light of the imminent demise of Pownce (later today), some of my posts have been rather short today - think I'm microblogging in sympathy. I've also opened up comments on posts and will await what happens with interest. When I first installed the blog back in 2005, I left trackbacks and comments open then forgot my admin password (for about 12 months), when I found it again, I had the joys of syphoning out in excess of 12,000 spam posts - thank goodness for MySQL!

Anyway, enjoy it if you will, and drop a note in from time to time if you feel the urge.

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