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evoamazon plugin php error line 117

Started by on Jan 10, 2009 – Contents updated: Jan 10, 2009

Jan 10, 2009 21:37    

Well, the same thing (see geocode post) happened with the evoamazon plugin--I got a php error when I tried to install it, and had to delete it from my plugins folder before I could use the installer screen again. (I then installed a half dozen plugins successfully--so it doesn't seem to be an installer or setup problem).

Here are lines 116-118 of _evoamazon.php (since 117--the problem line--is SO short):

$amazon = new Zend_Service_Amazon('0338J3P5B24W4AZ77RG2');
try {
$this->results = $amazon->itemSearch(array(

Instructions say (1) download & unzip (2) upload (3) in global settings>plugins, install. So while this needs some code info from Amazon to complete its functionality, I'm hung up at a stage before that is possible.

The problem line, 117, is just "try {"


Jan 11, 2009 09:14

ahh, that's one of Dannys plugins, I don't think he actively maintains them any more and I haven't gotten round to recoding them to make sure they work with 2.4.x ... hopefully I'll find the time in the near future.


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