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1 Jul 08, 2004 09:07    

I suppose I should disclaim this first: I'm sorry if this has been brought up. I have searched far and wide.

I would like to present my blog in two languages. When users first enter the blog all the navigation, headers, etc are in english, but I would like to have a link that localises the blog to french. How would this be best accomplished?

2 Dec 06, 2006 15:47

I am seeking answer to this question aswell.

Interface with two languages, Finnish and English, 1 blog and posts only Finnish.

3 Jan 28, 2009 13:16

I also want to have buttons to change appearance from one to another language

4 Jun 25, 2009 21:04

I've sort of managed to filter posts by language by putting them in categories. Put a category widget in one of the sidebars and it works!
Only I've got to get rid of the "Category: ..." pagetitle...

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