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1 Jan 23, 2009 05:27    

How can I change the names of the months displayed on the calendar? (I'm working on an installation for a Quaker group, and part of that tradition is saying "first month," etc instead of January etc.)

Seems like it MIGHT be possible by adding some substitutions to the _calendar.plugin.php. Maybe


$trans = array(

'January' => "First Month",
	'February' => "Second Month",
	'March' => "Third Month",
	'December' => "Twelfth Month",

(I know NO php except from osmosis messing with b2evo--this is modeled on the _global.php files in blogs>locales... I have not tried this yet.)

Or it must be possible to create a new locale, perhaps with blogs>inc>locales.... this is only a variant of English. But I don't understand where locales get text bits (like month names).

Or maybe there's a the better route? Can someone advise me on this?

2 Jan 23, 2009 06:05

You might want to create a new locale (like possibly "English-ME") then create a 'translation' that only translates the bits you want. That would work and would be, for all practical purposes, not a hack. Or you might try to edit inc/ around line 228 and change what it says where it says the name of each month. The funny thing here is that it is saying NT_('January') and I thought NT meant "not translated" although those bits show up in the localization files (global.php files in a locale subfolder). This would also be a hack you would have to remember and think about if/when you upgrade.

Personally I think the second is easier but the first is more correct.

Oh and honestly I've no idea if the second will work or how to do the first. But hey it's maybe a starting point yah?

3 Jan 23, 2009 09:43

Just piggy-backing on this for a moment, has anyone done alternative calendar layouts for parts of the world where the weekend is not on Sat/Sun? For instance, weekend here in Saudi is Thu/Fri, in Bahrain and most of the rest of the Middle East, it is Fri/Sat. I'm guessing other versions may be available elsewhere. If not, then it sounds like a worthwhile challenge for someone somewhere, but perhaps not me with my level of skills.

4 Jan 23, 2009 09:57

Ignore me, just worked it out.

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