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1 Jan 24, 2009 16:30    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

(Is this is the right place for this request for refinement of a core widget?Feel free to move this post.)

Two proposed refinements of the Search Form widget:

(1) Include in the "edit" area a "block title" (as is done with Category List widget)--at present, the search widget DISPLAYS a title but requires changes outside the skin to MODIFY that title.
Use examples: Maybe you think your visitors will know what to do with a box displaying a "search" button beneath it and don't need the title "Search" above it. Maybe you want to save space. Or maybe you want a more informative title, like "Search entire site" on an aggregator blog, or "Search this topic" on a non-aggregator blog.

(2) Include in the "edit" area a way to specify which blogs will be searched.
Use example: Maybe you want your visitor to be able to search your entire site, or a group of related blogs, rather than just the current blog, and you'd like to do this quickly and easily and/or without hacking.

3 Jan 24, 2009 17:28

Cool--I had passed over this plugin earlier because I focused on the radio buttons and all and failed to notice (a) they could be turned off and (b) could search by blog.

Now I've installed it, and it does allow one to change the title (or omit it) and to specify which blogs to search--my two requests above.

It does, however, display this info at the top of my posts column:

// Display search results global $ASearch_plugin; if( is_object($ASearch_plugin) ) { $ASearch_plugin->display_results(); }

I just uploaded the plugin folder to plugins--as that seems sop here--and there were no further installation instructions. Am headed over to ftp to try putting contents of inc into inc and of locales into locales, see if that clears it up.

4 Jan 24, 2009 17:36

Check the README.html for instructions.
You don't need to copy locales or inc folders anywhere, just upload the plugin folder in plugins directory.

5 Jan 24, 2009 17:45

Well, before finding your reply, sam2kb, I deleted inc and locales from plugins location and added their files to inc and locales. No apparent change!

AND I still have the lines of code displayed on my page:

Has something happened to the README.html? It includes ONLY the instructions for adding code to posts.main.php

6 Jan 24, 2009 17:52

It includes ONLY the instructions for adding code to posts.main.php

This is all you need to get the plugin working.

Don't delete or move any files from plugin. Just upload it to the site in plugins directory and put the code in either index.main.php or in posts.main.php

This is the PHP code so you must wrap it with <?php and ?>


// Display search results
global $ASearch_plugin;
if( is_object($ASearch_plugin) )


7 Jan 24, 2009 18:14

Plugin files deleted from blogs/inc and blogs/locales, fresh new copy of entire plugin uploaded to blogs/plugins, code in posts.main.php wrapped in <?php and ?>.

Code disappears from posts column. Function seems fine.

But I lose post styling on a page that is returned from the search. Clicking a category or a tag returns a page that keeps styling; until the round of fixes described in this post, the advanced search returned a styled page also. It is only the post that returns or partially returns to a default style: at try clicking on, say, category "paint chemistry" and compare with searching for, say, "chemicals."

Where is it looking for styling?

8 Jan 24, 2009 18:24

The plugin uses its own results styling, you can change it in adv_search.css

9 Jan 24, 2009 18:40

Ah-hah! I have, for now, commented out the lines for page results and gotten back most of my styling. Clearly, there is still work to do, but I must run for now.

This is a very useful plug-in. Thank you for making it, and thank you for taking time with me today.

I hope to get back to you with some suggestions for the installation instructions (from me as an editor, not computer expert). Thanks again.

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